Fast Food Voice Hobbyists Are Not Your Competition

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Do you think a four-star restaurant chef panicked over the new McDonald’s value menu?

Could you picture him in the kitchen sweating bullets, worrying that his loyal customers will abandon his Filet Mignon for McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish?

Of course not! The odds of something like that ever happening in real-life are ridiculously low, right? But, why is that the case? The bottom line is that a four-star restaurant chef knows that fast food is nowhere near his radar.

Sure, he might not have any $5 value menus or Buy One-Get One Free coupons for his menu items, but he knows that he doesn’t really need them either. The quality of his food and customer service speak itself. Customers looking for that type of quality know they will have to pay a lot more for it than they would in a McDonald’s drive thru.

You might be thinking, “Why is Terry talking about food? Is he craving a burger or something?” No, it’s nothing like that. Let me get to the point before you all start thinking about your next meal.

If high-quality restaurant chefs are not worried about low-quality fast food, why should a high-quality VO professional worry about low-quality Fiverr talents?

The same “ridiculous” response that you more than likely thought as you listened to my illustration should be the same response you give when you think about your potential clients choosing Fiverr deals over your services.

Fast food customers are not concerned about quality, which is why they will never expect to receive Filet Mignon for a Filet-o-Fish price. The same principle is true for VO customers. If they are seriously looking for a quality VO professional that can deliver quality work, they are not going to look for a cheap deal to save a few bucks. They will fully understand that quality professionals have quality rates for their services – and the great ones never budge on their prices.

Stop trying to figure out a way to compete with those “fast food” VO professionals. Continue to cook up those quality projects in your VO “kitchen” for your clients, because the ones that you want are the ones that will pay your rates without hesitation.

The average customer would think twice before taking advantage of a 99 cent deal for Filet Mignon, right? The same red flags wave in front of quality VO clients when they see deals for low-price VO deals.

You just need to trust in yourself and your services. Stop panicking over who’s heading towards the Fiverr drive-thru and pay more attention to the people looking for the long-haul journey of quality Voiceover services. At the end of the day, those are the clients that will stick around and help you to build your business – not the bargain bin customers that choose price over performance.


Voice Over Sermons from Terry Daniel

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Last week, I started a new mini-podcast where I broadcast a VO sermon every morning at 7:45am central. Why 7:45am? I have no idea. I wanted to pick an odd time that would stick out! It’s going well so far and I already have about 1350 listens total. I know, who cares about stats! I’m pretty pleased with how it’s going and people have been pretty darn supportive. These sermons are are good tools for voice actors both seasoned pros and brand new. Check out all of the shows below. Have a great week!



The Mosquito and the Mentor

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I love almost everything about Minnesota summers – the weather, vacations, and beautiful days at Lake Calhoun and so on. However, towards the top of the list of things that I absolutely hate about this season are mosquitoes!

Tiny little bugs who can very easily make your life miserable just by forcing their way into it! But, do you know what the most irritating part is about being the victim of a mosquito? You more than likely will never see them coming. It seems as if you would not even know that they have chosen you as their prey until they have already gotten exactly what they need from you and all you’re left with is an itchy bump that can easily leave an ugly scar over time.

So now comes the point where you’re asking yourself, “Why is he talking about mosquitoes? What do these bugs have to do with voiceovers?” The sad truth is that mosquitoes have everything to do with the world of business as a whole, including the voice talent industry. There are mosquitoes flying around within this industry on a daily basis, searching for their very next targets. Who are they? Where are they?

The parasitic bugs of this industry are the voiceover training companies that feed off of the ambitions and desires of talented individuals by offering them empty promises, pipe dreams and wishful thinking. All that they have been able to actually deliver, though, is a substantial charge on their victim’s credit card statements and massive disappointments. You have more than likely seen their advertisements, online social media pages and even viral videos. You may have even moved towards the delicious bait that they have placed in the water and stopped just shortly before you realized that it was a trap. Some of you may not have even stopped.

How can you identify which opportunities are legitimate and which are not? It is actually much easier than you think. It all starts with a basic question that you have to ask yourself, “How seriously do I take my career?” If you do not take it seriously at all, then you should not have a problem with finding the best “deal” or the quickest route to learn “everything that you need to know” within a single website that may use those specific quotes as catchy taglines and slogans. That is how some of these predatory companies are able to succeed at hunting down their targets in the first place.

They are fully aware that most humans desire things that they can have right now without delay. We are naturally drawn towards instant gratification and following our instinctive impulses, which is another reason these companies are just like mosquitoes. What draws mosquitoes to us in the first place? Is it the cologne or perfume that we may choose to wear on any given day? Is it the skin that we expose by wearing summer clothing? No! Mosquitoes are naturally drawn to us because of our carbon dioxide emissions – something that naturally happens and is beyond our control.

They really don’t care about you personally. To them, you are just another good meal that will keep their bodies nourished. After they have gotten what they need from you, they do not plan on sticking around just to follow through or stay attached to you. On the contrary, their goal is actually to get away from you as fast as possible so that they can move on to their next victim. Some voiceover training companies behave in the same way. They truly do not care about the individuals that sign up for their programs and online courses. They are primarily just focused on getting exactly what they need from you (i.e. your money) so they will tell you anything they need to in order to achieve their goal.

However, after you have given in and allowed them to bite you, they are going to suck you dry and move on to their next target as soon as possible. They are not going to stay by your side to make sure that you get the personal training and one-on-one mentoring that you need in order to truly be successful. You will just get access to an abundance of generic videos and training materials along with a bunch of generic, mass e-mails that are “personalized” simply because they have your name at the top.

So, you have to go back to the original question – “How seriously do you take your career?” Becoming a success story within this industry is not something that you can do by paying a substantial fee for a bunch of vague information that you could have gotten for free simply by doing a Google search. You need to have someone who is truly willing to invest their time into you to make sure that you get the quality training that you deserve.

Why do you think a cubic zirconium gem costs a fraction of the price of a genuine diamond that is the same size? Why is the original painting of the Mona Lisa worth much more than the thousands of duplications that are being sold around the world today? Because time is not money – time is actually worth so much more than a dollar sign!

You need to invest in a mentor who is going to take the time to mold your skills of coal within the voiceover industry into a high-carat diamond of success. Someone who is going to spend the countless hours necessary to develop you into an artistic masterpiece of voiceover talent instead of selling you a cheap duplication that they have sold to everyone else for the same price. Not a parasitic mosquito that is just going to suck your money out of your wallet, precious time from your day and ambition from your heart before they force you to suffer with itchy bumps of disappointment that they leave behind.

A true mentor is going to be the one that stays by your side from start to finish. This is going to be the person who doesn’t just take your money and run with it, but understands that you are only paying them as a mutual investment. You will be investing your time, money and trust in them and they will be investing their time, knowledge and experience into you. Instead of giving you a bunch of generic information, a mentor will truly personalize their training to meet your specific needs and give you the one-on-one coaching and development that you expect and deserve.

Benjamin Franklin was once quoted as saying, “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” If you want to polish your craft and receive quality training that will allow you to do so, invest in the services of someone that is going to truly involve you in the training from start to finish. They will view you as a person that needs their attention, commitment and time instead of just another sales figure to add along with all of the others. Spray yourself down with repellent to keep the mosquitoes of this industry as far away from you as possible and focus on making wise choices when it comes to choosing the person that will guide you towards achieving your goals throughout your career.

Taking Care Of Your Voice

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Just in time for the holidays, here are some great tips on taking care of your voice!

The Art of the Voiceover

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Terry Daniel, voiceover artist and coach discusses the world of voiceover talent on FOX 9 News in Minneapolis.

The Art of the Voiceover:

Jonathan’s Voice & Terry Daniel – Getting Perspective

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Terry and Jonathan team up to bring you an important tip when recording!

If Ted Williams Can Do This, So Can I

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I love that people are inspired by this story but remember Ted went to school for broadcasting…he did MAKE an investment in his career…he also worked for radio. It’s a dangerous thought process to think that you will be the next one discovered.  It just doesn’t work that way.  Ted’s story is unique and it doesn’t happen very often.  It’s inspiring but in the same sense, it is sending the wrong message to those who think they can break into voiceovers free of charge.

I must hear the phrase, “My entire life I have been told I have a great voice and that I should do voiceovers”. I hear that line in my sleep.  I sing that line in the shower!  Scary, I know!  You CAN do voiceovers but there is an investment of money and time that goes into educating yourself and getting the proper training. There is no magic pill for success in this industry.  We’ve all spent a lot of money getting to where we are now. Whether it’s coaching, workshops, demos or purchasing recording equipment.  The voiceover industry is also not a quick fix solution for the unemployed.  You won’t get caught up on your bills in just a week by trying to break into voiceovers.  It is a process that takes time and patience.

My entire life, I have been told that I should get into voiceovers. “Okay great! What are you going to do about it?”  Sometimes I get asked what I can do for these people for free.  I always tell them that getting into voiceovers is just like any other business when it comes to starting out.  You need to invest in training and education, much like a Doctor or Pilot and there is still no guarantee for success.

The people who understand the steps, do the research and ask a lot of questions are the ones with the right mindset and attitude.   Kudos to them.  Where I get frustrated is when they haven’t done the proper research or they listen to the advice of so-called experts who are not even voice talents or in the field. Myths can spread like a bad virus so always do your research and then consult with someone who has been in the field of voiceovers for a long time.

The bottom line is that I really enjoy training folks who are serious and truly understand what steps are necessary to have any shot at doing voiceovers, whether part-time or full-time.  And the economy? Sure, it isn’t the greatest but we all need to believe in ourselves and our passions.  Stop using the down economy as an excuse.  Don’t let fear take your dream.

When I decided to do voiceovers full time, I quit my radio sales job to follow my dream and I knew it would take time and a financial investment.  I was never expecting a free ride to the moon and you shouldn’t either. If you want something for free, you just got it.  Advice from a voiceover pro!

The Voices of June Foray

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June Foray is one of the best talents I have ever met and heard. Check this out!