Voice Over Sermons from Terry Daniel

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Last week, I started a new mini-podcast where I broadcast a VO sermon every morning at 7:45am central. Why 7:45am? I have no idea. I wanted to pick an odd time that would stick out! It’s going well so far and I already have about 1350 listens total. I know, who cares about stats! I’m pretty pleased with how it’s going and people have been pretty darn supportive. These sermons are are good tools for voice actors both seasoned pros and brand new. Check out all of the shows below. Have a great week!



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    One Response to “Voice Over Sermons from Terry Daniel”

    1. July 8
      male voice over @ 11:32 pm

      Thanks Terry, sharing these all shows with us. when i get bored i listen this and i really enjoy it.