Towards the beginning of every year, millions of people around the world make the decision to get in shape and get healthier. That day came for me about a month ago.

Up until that moment, I was still fairly active throughout the week by playing basketball. However, my biggest weaknesses came in the form of breaded foods especially the greatest invention that I could not say good-bye to – FRENCH FRIES!

Many people may not know this, but consuming foods that are high in carbohydrates (such as white bread, white potatoes, noodles, etc.) will cause you to feel tired throughout the day. Why is this? These foods have very high levels of sugar, which cause your blood sugar to rapidly rise and require more and more of your energy to become absorbed. Therefore, before you know it, you’re crashing soon after you ate because of all of the work that your body had to do just to process all of that sugar. Many of you may be experiencing this day after day and probably did not have any idea why it was happening. Until I changed my diet, I was just like that.

My body was being negatively affected in two different ways. The first way was my energy was being drained. I felt energized and ready to go when I woke up in the morning but because of what I was eating, I felt bloated and extremely tired in the afternoon. The second way affected my voice. Like many of you, I make my living my using my voice so this was definitely not a good thing!

With the research I have done and because of the negative affects, I decided I needed to make some changes. With doing this consistently, I can now hear and feel the changes in my voice throughout the day. It is much stronger and lasts much longer because my energy levels are higher than they have been in years!

Let me break down my basic day for you and the changes I have made. I have always preached to my voiceover students to stay away from cream in their coffee but was still at times putting it in mine. So now, in the morning, I normally stick with a cup of black coffee mixed with a lot of bottled water at room temperature. Studies have proven that drinking lots of water works wonders for your voice. In the afternoon, I get an extra boost by adding a little bit of honey to a cup of green tea, which makes a great afternoon beverage!

I used to eat a sandwich every day for lunch. I have now cut out bread, potatoes and pasta from my meal choices. I eat a lot of soups, vegetables, fruit and meat/cheese without the bread. To get a little exercise in throughout the week, Tracy and I started running together. It’s been great in so many different ways. It’s great for our bodies, attitudes, energy levels and has even benefited our relationship in general.

Until I jumped on the scale, I had no idea how much weight I have lost just by making these small changes in my exercise routine and diet. Within one month, I have lost 15 POUNDS! Now, that was a nice surprise! I didn’t have to join any weight loss program or follow any hardcore diet to see a drastic change in the way I feel and look. Keep that in mind when you are thinking about the resolutions that you probably made for yourself over the past couple of months. It really doesn’t take much to see a change; you just need to be consistent! If I can do it…so can you!

Please excuse me now as I go to Taco Bell to celebrate my accomplishment. Juuuust kidding. Ha!

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