You are your business.  No you, no business.  So it makes perfect sense that taking care of you must be a top priority.  Yet amidst the to do lists, the daily challenges of running a business, putting out fires, auditioning, recording spots, and a sundry of life’s little curve balls thrown our way, it’s easy to get lost in the mix and slip out of the running.  It’s easy to become last on our priority list.

Last place.  Nobody likes last place!  We dread it.   It’s what we strive to avoid. Yet if we are last place on the priority list in our own lives, how can we be anything else in our professional lives?  As a voice talent, last place is not an option!  You either get the gig or you don’t.  Getting the gig requires bringing your A-Game!  You can’t bring your A-Game if you don’t have it to bring! Bringing your A-Game requires taking care of you, getting enough sleep, eating the right foods, exercising, and taking time for yourself.

A tired voice is not a hired voice!  Lack of sleep will show up in your vocal delivery and will affect your performance.  It will also affect your mental clarity.  Aim for 6 to 8 hours of sleep every night.

You are what you eat!   Eating clean and staying hydrated will provide your body with the proper nutrients, boost your immune system, boost your metabolism, and give you energy.  Choose fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and legumes, lean protein sources, and healthy fats.  Drink water, lots and lots of water and green tea to stay hydrated.  Sodas, energy drinks, and other caffeinated beverages will tighten the vocal chords and dehydrate you.

Exercise.  If the sight of the word makes you want to run away, go for it!  Getting at least 30 to 60 minutes of physical activity 5 to 6 days a week will severely boost your attitude, mental clarity, energy, and metabolism!

All work and no play makes for a dreaded life day by day.  Taking time for you is necessary, not selfish! You are only one person but you are still just that, a person!  You are a person with interests, friends, and family.  Take some time to enjoy these and you will be much easier to relate to and a lot less stressed!

When you make taking care of you a priority, the ironic thing is that others will too!  They will treat you with more respect because you treat yourself with more respect.  You will become a priority in their minds because you are a priority in your own mind.  You will bring your A-Game because it’s the only game you have to bring!