“How to Become a Voice Actor and Get Voice Over Jobs (Even If You Don’t Have a Microphone Yet!)”

“How to Become a Voice Actor and Get Voice Over Jobs (Even If You Don’t Have a Microphone Yet!)”

Get access to all of our best tips, tactics and secrets to successfully becoming a working voice actor.

Get access to all of our best tips, tactics and secrets to successfully becoming a working voice actor.

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How To Become A Voice Actor!

Voice Over Club is a Voice Over Training Program that Helps You to Become a Voice Actor and Get Voice Over Jobs.

We’ll provide you with all the training and resources you need – so that you can provide voice overs that clients will pay you for!

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Our program will show you how to properly approach and interpret your client’s scripts. Then record, edit and produce voice overs right on your home computer. You’ll also learn how to market yourself, audition for voice over jobs, negotiate your rates and make money doing voice overs!

How can YOU get started in this exciting industry? Watch this video! [Read more…]

How to master the art of script interpretation and delivery. [Read more…]

Learn to record, edit and produce your own voice overs. [Read more…]

Discover the secrets to auditioning like a PRO. [Read more…]

This module will show you how to promote and market yourself. [Read more…]

Learn how to make money with voice overs and negotiate your rates! [Read more…]

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Cant Wait To Learn More!

“I was extremely skeptical about this site as usual. But at this price I just signed up. I am only in the middle of module 1 and I am loving this. I am amazed that this is so good :) I believe I will learn so much more here in just module 1… Cant wait to learn more! Thank You.”

Carole S Maldonado

Keep Up The Great Work…

“Thank you Terry for your time effort that you put into this site, it has been a wealth of information needless to say you can not beat the price for all the info that you provide. It has given me the confidence and guidance to make my steps to becoming a voice over talent, keep up the great work.”

Rich Smith

Thanks Again…

“I’ve been a member for a while, and one of the many reasons I stay a member is the user friendly navigation and the videos! I tell a lot of people to at least look into Voice Over Club if they are thinking of getting into voiceovers. Thanks again.”


I’ve Found My Site!

“I’ve been searching for a reputable website where the owner was interested more in helping, assisting and empowering new and experienced voiceover artists than in taking their money and running. I’ve found my site!

Thank you Terry for your expert information.”

Greg Allen

Grrrreeaat Advice & Instruction!

“Grrrreeaat advice & instruction! (Can’t you just hear Tony the Tiger!) Read over practice scripts & going over them to give different interpretations til our next session. Looking forward to it.
Thanks again”

Marcelino Vazquez

I’m Inspired…

“Each time I hear your voice or read one of your blogs I’m inspired to work as hard as I can to reach my goals.

I believe the training I am receiving is first class.”

Gary Lee

I’ve learned A LOT…

“I just wanted to say that I’ve learned A LOT from actually taking the time to sit and watch these videos, and I appreciate it a lot!!!


Andrew Thompson


“You’re a VO CHARM! What you’ve offered here was not only insightful and helpful, it was also selfless and profitable. It fell on ears that needed to hear!


Debby Barnes

You Guys Are Just Great…

“LOVE this website. You guys are just great. Thank you for all that you do.”

Dory Hayman

All I Can Say Is WOW! WOW, WOW, WOW!!!

“What a treat to be able to immerse myself into the VO world with these very informative, well thought out, and very relatable lessons. This is the PERFECT start for anyone just thinking about getting involved! Thank you ALL for your gift of time and expertise!”

Joseph Johnson

You Always Bring Something New To The Table…

“Even though I have been in the VO biz for years. You always bring something ‘new’ to the table. I enjoy you and your guest, keep them coming.”

Bill Johnson

SO Helpful To Those Of Us Learning!

“Thank you for these excellent videos with helpful tips and the teleseminar coming up. SO helpful to those of us learning! Makes membership worth it.”

Jackie Jones

Everything That We Need To Get Started!

Thank you so much for providing everything that we need to get started!

I really appreciate you and your team!!! :) THANK YOU!!

Rachel Bella Moshe

Tons Of Good Info Here…

“Tons of good info here…

Thanks for sharing all your experience with us rookies.”

Harry Teter


“I just wanted to send a quick note of thanks to you. This evening, I listened to the segments on an Agency Audition Notices, outstanding! Both were excellent! Clear, concise, and very informative.

Thank you Terry, and continued success.”

Wendy F Baines

Finding The Modules So Helpful…

“I have been working very much in the dark and was losing motivation, until I stumbled upon the Voice Over Club. I am really finding the modules so helpful, particularly module 2.

Thanks again!”

Michele Brandenburger

Many Thanks Again!

“I’ve narrated videos for small companies in the past, but never really knew “the business” like I feel I do now! I look forward to practicing everything I’ve just learned and coming back to show you some voice over career results that I know you’ll be proud of! …just yesterday I used the ‘What’s your budget for this project?’ line while negotiating a contract… Many thanks again!”

Barbara Corcoran

A Welcoming and Inspirational Environment…

“Thanks for providing such a welcoming and inspirational environment for those of us just starting out in the industry and hoping to fulfill our dreams of becoming voice actors.”

Kenneth Doyle II

If Step by Step is What You’re Looking for… Then This is It!!

“LOTS of great information! This is a MUST HAVE for anyone looking to get in the business.

If Step by Step is what your looking for…then this is it!!”

Daniel Green

Cool Insight And Training…

“Cool insight and training review. You are an awesome coach. I like knowing what opportunities are available step by step. Thanks for the technique.”

Reda Coston

Terry Is A Great Coach…

“Terry is a great coach, is always there for me, the training modules are excellent with info and tips on all areas of concern in starting in this exciting business.”

Darlene Belmore