Module 1: Script Delivery

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How to master the art of script interpretation and delivery »

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    29 Responses to “Module 1: Script Delivery”

    1. May 11
      Bruce Jensen @ 3:10 pm

      In script delivery 1 and 2 I would have liked to hear more examples. For instance: instead of just saying sound natural not like you are reading. Give us an example of what you mean. How would you sound reading and how you should sound.

      • May 11
        Terry Daniel @ 3:38 pm

        Great feedback, Bruce! We will definitely be adding more bonus modules with content based on your request. 🙂


        Terry Daniel

    2. May 11
      Bruce Jensen @ 3:44 pm

      Thanks Terry. Because that’s what I realy need.

    3. May 14
      Jerry Roy @ 11:19 am

      If you have ever heard an automated customer support or someone reading a status report, it really sounds different than if they were talking to a fried describing an incident they had. The unatural sound of reading a script is very monotone. No change in tone or pitch or volume. Just one dreary stream of words. When you speak naturally to a friend or family member, words have highs and lows based on excitement, sadness or sarcasm.

      You’ll recognize it from now on.

    4. June 30
      Dave Bickford @ 10:49 am

      Although I had done countless commercials for local radio stations back in the 1980’s, I found module 1 to be a great “refresher” course. I am looking forward to modules 3 and 4. I have absolutely NO clue about auditioning and marketing myself. Those modules will be very helpful.

    5. July 9
      marie kopan @ 10:47 pm

      Love the modules, and looking forward to coaching from Terry!

    6. October 20
      Gene Dixon @ 1:00 pm

      Thanks for the speed reading tools and the online teleprompter.

      • October 20
        Terry Daniel @ 1:02 pm

        Our pleasure, Gene! Thank you for being a member! 🙂

    7. November 5
      William McKee @ 4:48 pm

      The easy prompter is awesome application!
      Thank you for sharing real information that we can use out here in the trenches…

    8. December 22
      Reda Coston @ 5:34 am

      Hello, this module was very enlightening and really educational. If you did not take notes than your surely missing out on the training. Without this module you really would be lost in starting this career off with confidence. Be creative with notes follow along try to do what the professionals are doing and best of repeat the process while you’ll learning now. You’ve got notes in a journal I hope. You will need to peak back at your notes on the this one. Practice the daily exercises mentioned. If you can’t read that fast well, now you will know how to. If you don’t understand any of this training you might consider building up more confidence and than repeat it until you’ve mastered it. Thanks.

    9. January 5
      CAROLE S MALDONADO @ 9:01 pm

      I was extremely skeptical about this site as usual. But at this price I just signed up. I figured worst case im stuck $30.00 for a month….
      I am only in the middle of module 1 and I am loving this.
      I am amazed that this is so good 🙂 I pay so much more $$$$$ for classes that really do so much less. I have to drive into LA, deal with traffic and parking…
      For a 3-4 hour class full of distractions, input and noise from actors vs the coach.
      I believe I will learn so much more here in just module 1..
      Cant wait to learn more.
      Thank you Terry

    10. September 1
      Charles Rapson @ 1:10 pm

      Hey Terry,
      Have you used the audio postcard as a marketing tool? I am considering sending them out as an intro to my website…just wondering if you had done it and what the feedback was.

      • September 3
        Terry Daniel @ 11:19 am

        Hi Charles,

        Yes, I use them all the time for audio newsletters and updates. Very effective! 🙂

    11. October 12
      Erik Bolstan @ 10:44 am

      Thanks Terry for that Great example of what a real , natural read of copy sounds like. Nice! Erik Bolstan

    12. March 14
      cameron noble @ 12:34 pm

      When could I receive vo consult? Love the program…am I moving too slowly…still reading & listening to module 1…Thank you Cameron

      • March 14
        Terry Daniel @ 1:16 pm

        Hi Cameron!

        I personally email everyone who signs up for a personal consultation with me. Please check your junkmail folder for my email (as I have emailed you twice) and let me know when you are ready. 🙂

    13. July 12
      Alisha Anglin @ 2:39 pm

      Hi Terry,

      I am completely new to voice over and I was going back and forth between paying over $4,000 for training and this. I took the gamble as you can see and so far so good, still on module 1 but I am also listening to the teleseminars that you have listed. Thanks for the information you have listed here, its so hard to find anything online without paying a hefty fine.

      • July 12
        Terry Daniel @ 4:03 pm

        We’re happy to have you, Alisha! Enjoy the rest of the training modules.

    14. September 1
      Donald Williams @ 8:36 am

      Very good instruction, Terry.It allows me to practice, practice,practice until I become almost as good as you(lol).

    15. October 3
      robert legroulx @ 1:34 pm

      Hi Terry,
      im glad to be a member and im enjoying the modules im still listening to the first one but ill be glad to trained the right way and not the wrong way im so happy to be here on voice over club without having to pay expensive mney on training

    16. February 19
      Steve Parker @ 2:55 pm

      Good Afternoon

      I have a mac desk top and would like to acquire the equipment I need to be able to start recording some practice voice overs any suggestions are appreciated.

      thank you steve

    17. August 24
      Dory Hayman @ 5:19 am

      LOVE this website. You guys are just great. Thank you for all that you do. I would love to see more on accents – in particular the typical problems with the Southern accent. I do a pretty good job of working around mine, but anything you have to say on the subject would be very helpful. I could always do better.

    18. October 31
      Ann Ayres @ 5:36 pm

      Thanks for the opportunity to learn more about the voice over industry!
      Looking forward to learning more in the coming weeks.
      Ann Ayres

      • November 1
        Terry Daniel @ 3:42 am

        Thanks Ann! We’re delighted you’re here!

    19. January 9
      Albert Brayboy @ 2:40 pm

      I loved Module 1, can’t wait for your evaluation feedback!! On to Module 2!!!

    20. July 12
      Scott Kennedy @ 10:56 am

      Hi, Terry. I used to be a radio personality years ago before the days of automation and syndication. I’ve tried getting into voice over work since I wasn’t able to break back into the radio business. I’ve been with for a couple of years, and I’ve submitted over 200 auditions but no offers. I could use some guidance on what I need to have better success.

    21. July 26
      Steve Latham @ 5:26 pm

      I’ve been delinguent in following and studying the modules,but I’m commited to getting back in the groove starting this week.I would like to do another evaluation with you.I have been attending meetups in my area ,Betty Zoeller and Bill Brooks are two of the organizers.Musch of the self paced training,modules and blogs I have viewed and read thru Voice Over Club has helped me in following discussions and I believe script workouts in the classes and meetups.More modules like module one would be great.Understanding and script interpretation.I attempt to catch your telenars but on Saturdays I have to work,but replays and recordings are always appreciated.Thank you Steve Latham

    22. December 26
      David Musyoka @ 12:10 pm

      I have just opened your website and from the onset, it is the place to be for Voice over Training.Continue with the good work

    23. April 5
      Greg @ 6:33 am

      I’ve been searching for a reputable website where the owner was interested more in helping, assisting and empowering new and experienced voiceover artists than in taking their money and running. I’ve found my site! . Thank you Terry for your expert information.