Module 4 – Marketing Yourself

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This module will show you how to promote and market yourself »

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    4 Responses to “Module 4 – Marketing Yourself”

    1. August 9
      Mark Robinson @ 10:23 am

      Hi Terry,

      I’ve heard so much about marketing through social networks, but there doesn’t seem to be a very basic, how-to guide on how to go about this. What I’m referring to is a tutorial for someone who is new to twitter, facebook, etc, Once you sign up and establish a profile….then what? I suppose what I’m looking for is some type of guide that takes nothing for granted or makes any assumptions. How do you get started making contacts…what do you say in a post to establish what it is your attempting to accomplish…

      • August 9
        Terry Daniel @ 11:03 am

        Hi Mark!

        These are excellent questions! I’m going to work on some bonus modules that will cover most of what you’re asking about.

        As far as what to say in a post, just be yourself and talk about what is going on in your day, projects you’re working on, etc. People want to connect with REAL people.

        Thanks for the feedback! 🙂

    2. January 8
      Reda Coston @ 7:34 am

      Hello Terry,

      I wanted to add that the information on marketing with social networks was very interesting. I know you went out of your way to show and tell this tutorial. However, I for one appreciate the time you put into this module. You showed concern and care to this one. I was surprised to know that you don’t have to do a proposal before marketing. Anyways, I will make sure to click the like button on your page. Take Care.

    3. November 23
      Rob Hulson @ 12:21 pm

      In one of the sessions, you mention aiming at 20-30 auditions per day as a goal. You might add in a warning for sites like Voice123 that when you do too many auditions, they penalize you.

      I was getting 2-5 auditions per day with Voice123 until I finally went Premium. I did about 9 auditions (and deleted several that didn’t fit me) over the course of three days. That was five days ago. I have not received *any* SmartCast invitations since then, even though I ranked highly on three of them.

      So, you might mention why this would be an advantage to being a member of several Pay-to-Play sites at the same time: you don’t run out of auditions so quickly. As a new VO artist, it’s discouraging to have paid a good chunk of money to get experience and some income only to be waiting around for more business.

      I’m determined to be a success and I know I will be. But it’s a bump in the road that would be helpful for newbies to understand how to get 20-30 auditions per day without being hamstrung by the Pay-to-Play sites.