We are bombarded with choices each and every day.  Some choices are easy and less impactful than others and some require a bit more backbone and have farther reaching consequences.  Regardless, each choice carries with it an inherent risk.  For example, if I choose to go out with my friends after work, I risk not getting my after work run in…and you all know what a fitness buff I am!  Ha!  Every choice has risk. Despite the risk, the choice must be made.

The difference between successful and unsuccessful people boils down to the choices they make. Successful people do what needs to get done to achieve their goals.  They do not always like everything they need to do but they realize the risks of not doing what they must to get the results they want.  Just look at any successful athlete.  The training regimen, the diet, the intense focus are choices supporting the commitment the athlete has made to succeed.

The risk of missing an episode of Entourage while enjoying an adult beverage and some pizza is worth the achievement of their goal.  Unsuccessful people want the desired end result but are unwilling to make the choices necessary to achieve it.  They want to watch every episode of their favorite show, have the adult beverage and pizza, and still achieve their goal.

Do you want to be a successful voice over talent?  Then you have to make a choice and take a few risks. Define what “successful” means to you.  Write it down and determine when you want to achieve it. Then determine the necessary steps you will need to take to achieve your goal and commit to doing each of the steps in the right order.  The risks you have to take to be successful are not overwhelmingly difficult but they do require a commitment from you.

You will have to get some professional training if you are just starting out and will need to get periodic professional training even as a working voice over talent to keep your skills sharp, learn new techniques and stay abreast of the industry.  Professional demos are only possible after you have professional training – not before!  No amount of production can or should cover for your voice over abilities.  Auditioning is part of the process, as is editing, billing, marketing, etc.

If you want to be successful in this business, there are no short cuts!  You can do it but you must be willing to take the risk.  Bottom line:  You have to put yourself in the game to win.  It’s your choice. You are either in the game or on the sidelines.  Only those who are in the game can win.