You have received professional training.  You have your demos.  Your home studio is set up.  You are auditioning on a consistent basis and getting some voice over jobs.  Now it’s time to leverage your successes to build your image and your credibility as a voice talent.

Testimonials are a phenomenal way to build credibility.  Let the positive experiences your clients have had with you remove any risk or doubt from prospective clients. “Wow” your clients and your testimonials will “Wow” you and others who see them.

Written testimonials are pretty common, easy to obtain, and can be put on your website or PDF flyers detailing your services.

Audio testimonials are a wonderful way to capture the excitement and level of satisfaction of the client.  They take a bit more coordination with the client to record and may be used in conjunction with written testimonials on your website.

Video testimonials are the most powerful!  They demonstrate the ultimate belief, sincerity, excitement, and satisfaction of the client with your services. These will require the most coordination and a willingness on the part of your client to be captured on video.  While all testimonials are earned, the video testimonial is the ultimate goal.

Earning testimonials is an honor and shows prospective clients your level of dedication and professionalism.   Once earned, it’s imperative that you continue to live up to your testimonials in your client interactions. This will not only breed more testimonials but unsolicited ones too.