I hear it all the time.  People contact me every day telling me they’ve been told they have a really great voice and should do voice over work.  Others simply inquire if they have what it takes to be a voice over talent.

The truth is that most people have a pleasant voice.  So what does it take?  Becoming a successful voice talent takes being HAPPY!  That’s right, Humility, Attitude, Professionalism, Passion, and You!

Humility – Humility means being willing to take direction and be teachable.  Understand that no one knows everything in the industry, but the top talents are always learning.  The moment you stop learning is the moment you stop growing.

Attitude – Attitude will make you or break you.  It really is that powerful.  Your attitude will affect your ability to engage and attract clients, all of your interactions, and your delivery.  Learn to develop a positive attitude and learn what works best for you to keep your attitude in check.  When your attitude is in the toilet, so is everything else!

Professionalism – Professionalism means getting the appropriate training, finding a mentor, and taking ownership of your voice over business.  You must have perseverance and do what must get done even when you don’t feel like it.  It takes investing in the appropriate equipment and tools to do your job right. As a voice talent, you are in business for yourself.  You must treat your voice over business accordingly.  Ask yourself honestly, “Would you hire you?”

Passion – Passion is what drives you.  As voice talent, our voices are our instruments and we must learn how to harness the power of our passion as we use our instrument to convey the client’s message to its target audience and incite the intended response.  Each of us has our own unique energy, passion, and personality we bring to our delivery.  Learn how to harness yours.

You – Yes, you!  Everything you do is a reflection of you.  Everything you post, how you treat your clients, the quality of your work, all becomes associated with your name.  Your name is your brand.  Be sure to market yourself and gain the brand recognition in which you can take pride.

Regardless of your voice, you must possess these qualities to be successful as a voice talent.  They’re not optional, they’re required.  Do you have what it takes?