Are you stuck?  Before you answer, consider how much of your work is from repeat clientele and referrals, the amount and quality of testimonials you receive from your clients, the strength of your web presence, and the effectiveness of your auditioning and voicing techniques.  Take some time to reflect and be totally honest with yourself.  This is the business side of voice over and if you neglect it or forget to pay attention to it, you will find yourself stuck. Stuck has no momentum.  Stuck does not pay the bills. Stuck stinks!

Get “unstuck” and build momentum by taking time to analyze how you can improve your voice over business.  Think outside of the box.   If you do have repeat clientele, find out what it is you are doing that makes them come back to you.  Think of how you can provide even more value to them, whether you offer to voice their phone system, or add audio to their website, voice their blog, or introduce their podcast.  Next, identify which of your one-time clients you would like to have as repeat clients and do the same.  Take it to the next level by identifying your dream clients – the ones you want to voice for but haven’t done so yet.

Add some speed to your momentum by allowing your clients to advertise your business for you through referrals and testimonials.  Referrals and testimonials are powerful because they speak about the quality and integrity of your work and you.  Go ahead and ask for referrals.  Develop an arsenal of testimonials by asking your clients, especially your repeat clients, for a testimonial about their experience working with you and post these on your website.

Google yourself.  Are you on the first page? Better yet, how many pages do you fill?  The strength of your web presence is vital because the Internet is a major marketplace for voice over talent services.  Having a website is fantastic but you need to get plugged in to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube too.  Social Media is a powerful force in optimizing your web presence. Likewise, it allows you to access, connect, and engage other voice over talent, creative directors, and potential clients.  Leverage the power of social media to express your personality and brand your image – it’s free!  To optimize your social media, visit

Finally, we audition a lot and we voice a lot.  Sometimes in the process it becomes more of a chore which inevitably comes out in our performance.  If you are finding your auditioning effectiveness to be slipping and the jobs seem to be fewer and further between, it may be time to revisit the basics or shake things up a bit and treat yourself by investing in a few training sessions with a professional voice over coach. Yes, even the pros get coaching to keep their competitive edge and learn new techniques!

Yes, even the pros have to get “unstuck” and find new ways to improve their voice over businesses. Going through this process is exactly what makes them pros and what sets them apart from the amateurs.  It’s time to get “unstuck”.

To your success!?