I love that people are inspired by this story but remember Ted went to school for broadcasting…he did MAKE an investment in his career…he also worked for radio. It’s a dangerous thought process to think that you will be the next one discovered.  It just doesn’t work that way.  Ted’s story is unique and it doesn’t happen very often.  It’s inspiring but in the same sense, it is sending the wrong message to those who think they can break into voiceovers free of charge.

I must hear the phrase, “My entire life I have been told I have a great voice and that I should do voiceovers”. I hear that line in my sleep.  I sing that line in the shower!  Scary, I know!  You CAN do voiceovers but there is an investment of money and time that goes into educating yourself and getting the proper training. There is no magic pill for success in this industry.  We’ve all spent a lot of money getting to where we are now. Whether it’s coaching, workshops, demos or purchasing recording equipment.  The voiceover industry is also not a quick fix solution for the unemployed.  You won’t get caught up on your bills in just a week by trying to break into voiceovers.  It is a process that takes time and patience.

My entire life, I have been told that I should get into voiceovers. “Okay great! What are you going to do about it?”  Sometimes I get asked what I can do for these people for free.  I always tell them that getting into voiceovers is just like any other business when it comes to starting out.  You need to invest in training and education, much like a Doctor or Pilot and there is still no guarantee for success.

The people who understand the steps, do the research and ask a lot of questions are the ones with the right mindset and attitude.   Kudos to them.  Where I get frustrated is when they haven’t done the proper research or they listen to the advice of so-called experts who are not even voice talents or in the field. Myths can spread like a bad virus so always do your research and then consult with someone who has been in the field of voiceovers for a long time.

The bottom line is that I really enjoy training folks who are serious and truly understand what steps are necessary to have any shot at doing voiceovers, whether part-time or full-time.  And the economy? Sure, it isn’t the greatest but we all need to believe in ourselves and our passions.  Stop using the down economy as an excuse.  Don’t let fear take your dream.

When I decided to do voiceovers full time, I quit my radio sales job to follow my dream and I knew it would take time and a financial investment.  I was never expecting a free ride to the moon and you shouldn’t either. If you want something for free, you just got it.  Advice from a voiceover pro!