The definition of Improv, short for improvisation, is a form in which one does not use a script or predetermined ideas for dialog, direction, or movement.

By using improvisation in your training as a voice over talent, you are allowing your natural creativity to expand. Improv helps you to be true to yourself and be more like yourself while in the booth.

Improv allows you to tap into your intuition and instincts. You, as the voice over talent, you can react honestly to copy and deliver a great read. Improv affords you the ability to be comfortable with yourself and your style, which will ultimately make you more comfortable with the mic.

When you are true to yourself and have confidence in your ability, you will be able to handle any form of copy or situation you are placed in for the audition.

A simple technique exercise is to create a story around a single word. For example, use the word “dog”. Now, create an entire story around the word “dog”. Create a sad story and tug on the heartstrings of your audience. Then, create a funny story that will make your audience laugh. Allow your emotions to flow freely through you so that your audience can feel what you are feeling. When you can act on your own feelings and instincts, you’ve just accomplished the tasks of being yourself.