The key to finding voice over jobs lies in how well you market yourself!  The key to landing voice over jobs is your level of preparation and execution.  The key to preparation and execution lies in teachability.   Outstanding actors and actresses are outstanding because they listen to the director!  Even coaches get coaching.  I do!

Teachability determines success, especially in the voice over business. Successful voice over talents are directable.  They are active listeners who crave to learn and improve, willing to implement the direction given, and strong enough to put their personal opinions aside for the sake of learning something new and delivering what the client wants.

Some of the greatest rewards of being teachable include learning to see the script in a different light, correcting bad habits such as rushing the script and redundancy, and maintaining a humility that keeps one approachable and a pleasure with which to work.  I’ve learned that no one is ever too good to stop learning and those who think they are too good to learn are not that good!

Do you mimic the commercials you hear on the radio or TV?  What a great opportunity to practice and learn from others who have been cast! Additionally, practice reading all kinds of scripts, listen back to the audio, and record again.  It’s amazing what one can learn by simply doing that!  Also, take an improv class!  Aside from being a ton of fun, its great practice for thinking on your feet, releasing inner creativity, and really getting out of the comfort zone. Further, practice reading scripts that aren’t comfortable for you; it will make the easier ones better!

So how vital is having a quality coach and mentor in voice over work?   It’s a must!   Like learning an instrument, it takes patience, dedication and commitment.  The right coach and a teachable attitude is the difference between playing Jingle Bells and Beethoven’s 5th!

Are you teachable?