Do you think a four-star restaurant chef panicked over the new McDonald’s value menu?

Could you picture him in the kitchen sweating bullets, worrying that his loyal customers will abandon his Filet Mignon for McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish?

Of course not! The odds of something like that ever happening in real-life are ridiculously low, right? But, why is that the case? The bottom line is that a four-star restaurant chef knows that fast food is nowhere near his radar.

Sure, he might not have any $5 value menus or Buy One-Get One Free coupons for his menu items, but he knows that he doesn’t really need them either. The quality of his food and customer service speak itself. Customers looking for that type of quality know they will have to pay a lot more for it than they would in a McDonald’s drive thru.

You might be thinking, “Why is Terry talking about food? Is he craving a burger or something?” No, it’s nothing like that. Let me get to the point before you all start thinking about your next meal.

If high-quality restaurant chefs are not worried about low-quality fast food, why should a high-quality VO professional worry about low-quality Fiverr talents?

The same “ridiculous” response that you more than likely thought as you listened to my illustration should be the same response you give when you think about your potential clients choosing Fiverr deals over your services.

Fast food customers are not concerned about quality, which is why they will never expect to receive Filet Mignon for a Filet-o-Fish price. The same principle is true for VO customers. If they are seriously looking for a quality VO professional that can deliver quality work, they are not going to look for a cheap deal to save a few bucks. They will fully understand that quality professionals have quality rates for their services – and the great ones never budge on their prices.

Stop trying to figure out a way to compete with those “fast food” VO professionals. Continue to cook up those quality projects in your VO “kitchen” for your clients, because the ones that you want are the ones that will pay your rates without hesitation.

The average customer would think twice before taking advantage of a 99 cent deal for Filet Mignon, right? The same red flags wave in front of quality VO clients when they see deals for low-price VO deals.

You just need to trust in yourself and your services. Stop panicking over who’s heading towards the Fiverr drive-thru and pay more attention to the people looking for the long-haul journey of quality Voiceover services. At the end of the day, those are the clients that will stick around and help you to build your business – not the bargain bin customers that choose price over performance.