My favorite definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results!  Everyone wants to accomplish something! We all had dreams of what we wanted to do with our lives when we were younger.  Perhaps you wanted to be a famous actor or singer.  Maybe your ambitions were to become a doctor, teacher, lawyer, engineer or a celebrity sports figure.  Regardless, you made choices along the way that have brought you to where you are now.  If you would like to do something else, you need to make different choices that will create that reality for you.

Perhaps you want to become a voice over talent, break into a specific niche in the industry or expand your production skills to offer more to your clients and increase your earning potential.  Regardless of what you want, here are some steps to help you achieve it:

1.  Determine what you want.  Be clear about it and write it down.

2.  Find out what it takes to reach your goal by doing due diligence and researching to get accurate information from qualified experts who have accomplished what you want to accomplish.   If you want to be a voice over talent, don’t seek advice from someone who hasn’t achieved what you want to achieve.  Write down what it takes.

3.  Decide whether or not you are willing to do what it takes – not just what you want to do, but what it takes to accomplish your goal. If you want something bad enough, you will commit to doing what it takes.  Make a written pledge to yourself that you will do what it takes to achieve this goal.

4. Post your goal, the things you need to do to attain it and your commitment pledge in a place you will see it every day.

5.  Consistently and persistently work toward your goal by accomplishing at least two core tasks each day, one of which you would rather not do.  Hint:  If you want to achieve your goal quicker, then you will need to do more than two core tasks each day, especially those you would rather not do!

I am a voice over talent.  Yep, it’s what I do…every day!  How did I get to be a voice over talent?   I became a voice talent by consistently and persistently following these steps.   What do you want to achieve?  Create a new reality for yourself by consistently and persistently following these steps and one day you will wake up and realize that you have achieved your goal!