Yes, it’s that most wonderful time of the year once again! A magical time full of laughter, joy and holiday cheer. A time overflowing with giddy anticipation, brimming with endless possibilities and New Year’s resolutions.

It all sounded so good until I brought up those New Year’s resolutions. Here’s the deal with those things, you can’t avoid them. Even resolving to not make New Year’s resolutions is still a resolution. The whole point of making them is to create positive changes in our lives. After all, if we continue to do what we have always done, we will continue to get what we’ve always gotten.

Here’s the formula for your New Year’s resolution success:

Step 1: Take inventory. What have you not done yet in your life that you would like to do? What’s on your bucket list? Perhaps you would like to become a voice over talent, or expand your voice over skills to better serve your clients, or specialize in a specific niche. Maybe you’ve always wanted to own your own business, or work from home, or just explore the possibilities of your creativity.

Step 2: Define your “Why”. You have to have a burning desire to accomplish you resolution and internalize your “why” or else even the littlest distraction will prevent you from attaining your goal. Perhaps your “why” is to fulfill a dream you’ve had for years, or to finally unleash your creativity and put to use talents you have that your current job or lifestyle have not fulfilled. Your “why” is personal but it must be powerful enough to pull you through when you would rather not do what it takes to make your goal happen.

Step 3: Determine what it will take. Now that you have your goal and your “why”, figure out what steps you will need to take and write them down. This may take a bit of research on your part. Talk to people who have done what you want to do and have achieved the level of success and notoriety that you aspire to achieve. Do not take advice from people who have not already accomplished what you want to accomplish. Their intentions may be golden, but their advice rarely is.

Step 4: Take action. Do at least one thing each day to move yourself closer to your goal and as you check off each step write “Victory” next to it and move on to the next step. Continue to do this daily and you will have the power of momentum on your side and will achieve success through your persistence and perseverance. If you get stuck along the way, ask for help and advice from the people who have achieved what you want to achieve and keep going.

Step 5: Celebrate! Take the time to celebrate your successes along the way and maintain your focus on accomplishing the next step toward achieving your goal.

Go ahead and make 2011 your year to shine! When 2012 comes along, you will be the one people will be toasting for keeping your resolution and we’ll see you at VOICE 2012!

Happy New Year!