You network. You audition. You gain clients. You create strategic relationships. All of these efforts are crucial to being successful in any field and yet are particularly important in the voice over industry. Staying connected can be a challenge, however, and the holiday season is an opportune time to reconnect.

Consider sending Happy Thanksgiving cards to your contacts in the United States with a simple message of appreciation. Contacts who reside outside of the United States may not celebrate Thanksgiving but will welcome a sentiment of appreciation too, so send them a letter of gratitude. Perhaps you prefer more of a Happy Holidays or Happy New Year approach. Go for it! Wish them the very best and abundant success in the coming year!

Everyone wants to feel important. Everyone wants to feel valued and appreciated. People like to be remembered. The point is to reconnect and the opportunities to do so are not limited to the holiday season or birthdays. So take a little time to show your sincere appreciation and to remember those who have brought value into your life and your voice over business. You may find this small gesture of gratitude not only lifts your spirits, but also yields unexpected benefits in return.