#1: Cherries in winter, peaches in spring. It’s not the weather that’s changed, it’s the packaging. INTERNATIONAL PAPER. We answer to the world.
#2: Chilean grapes land in Marseilles. California melons touch down in Warsaw. Tucsan tomatoes arrive in Kyoto. What helps them survive the trip? Package design that anticipates reality: temperature swings, humidity, jostling, customs delays, curious spiders, and the occasional 15-foot plunge from a cargo ship’s hoist. And in a lab where we mimic the rigors of global travel, our packages are tested until they reveal their every strength and weakness. We do it for our customers, and for all of you who crave fresh, unbruised cherries in midwinter. International Paper. We answer to the world.
#3: The digital age hasn’t created a paperless society. Just a revolution in paper. INTERNATIONAL PAPER. We answer to the world.
#4: It’s been suggested since the dawn of the computer age. A future in which everything worth knowing is accessible on screen. But as it turns out, people don’t just want information at their fingertips. They want in on their fingertips They want to be able to touch, fold and, dog-ear; to fax, copy, and refer to; scribble in the margins or post proudly on the refrigerator door. So today, as people require more paper than ever, our research centers are responding with new papers for home and business. From printing paper to fine art paper to digital photography paper, we’re committed to providing the “Paperless Society” with all the paper it needs. International Paper. We answer to the world.