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Teleseminar Alyson


Alyson is a graduate of the “Famed” HS of Performing Arts in NYC. After graduating her MFA in Dramaturgy she moved to Los Angeles and began doing extensive Voice Over work.

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This is Nick. This is Nora. This is Nick's nose. This is Nora's nose. Nick's nose likes a little air freshener. Nora's nose likes a lot. Their noses didn't know what to do. Until their nosy neighbor Ned told them about new improved Airwick Airwaves. Airways have a low setting for Nick's nose.

AIRWICK AIRWAVES2011-03-23T07:00:22-06:00



In a world of new, higher tax brackets, your investment broker can be a valuable source for investment ideas that can help you reduce taxes. It's all part of the complete service AG Edwards is committed to offering you. Not only this year, but every year. The time to start next year's tax planning is now. [...]

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No matter where we live--when it comes to something as important as health care--we all want the best. That's why AETNA and US HEALTHCARE have joined forces to create a partnership that will set a new standard for quality and caring. AETNA and US HEALTHCARE. Raising a standard for your town, for your family, and for [...]

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Man has always dreamed of getting to the other side. Some make it, some don't. But at least your phone calls get there. Because Agilent provides technologies for almost every kind of communications network. From way down here to way up here.




Throughout the world, Alcatel is helping to provide advanced communication system solutions. We believe in working in close partnership with our customers to provide these solutions. Solutions which bring people together throughout the world. Our success not only makes us number one worldwide, but more importantly, confirms our commitment to total customer satisfaction. Alcatel. Your reliable [...]




Wherever you are. Whatever you do. A company of the Allianz Group is always on your side. To us, risk management means thinking the unthinkable to prevent risk turning into loss. As one of the world's leading global insurers our financial strength and technical expertise combine to make Allianz Group the partner you can trust whenever [...]




#1: Go ahead...Make a wish...Now call your Allstate agent. Because today, planning makes wishes come true. And your Allstate agent can help make sure that "family security", "college funding", and even a "healthy retirement" are in the stars for you. Your Allstate agent wants to be your agent for life. You're in good hands with Allstate [...]

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#1: This store isn't having a fire sale. It's not a year-end clearance. And they haven't lost their lease. It's the kick-off of Buyer's Assurance from American Express. Now, until the end of the year, we'll double the repair period of the manufacturer's warranty. Double it up to an extra year. It's as simple as using [...]

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