Many people aspire to become voice talents.  Few take the time to understand their vision, what they aspire to become as a voice talent.  No, this isn’t the part where I tell you sit down and write out an elaborate mission statement and plan of attack.  This is where I tell you to take a moment, maybe close your eyes, and just think.  Think of your ultimate goal as a voice talent.  What is it you aspire to be?  What is your niche?  Who is in your network?  What does your cash flow look like?  How about your studio?

Why is this important?  I’m glad you asked!  Your vision is the big picture.  Suppose I give you a puzzle with no picture to reference.  Would you be able to put it together?  Perhaps.  Would you be able to do so as efficiently as if I were to give you a puzzle with a picture?  Probably not.  Your vision is the picture and your day to day activities are the puzzle pieces.  The great news is that you get to decide what the picture looks like.  The sooner you decide and write it down, the sooner you can prioritize your daily actions, your puzzle pieces, and make your vision your reality.

This is a competitive industry and to succeed you must keep your edge.  You must continue to grow, to challenge yourself and to strive.  Your vision is your edge and it has the power to propel you forward.  You choose whether you will move forward or in circles!