MINNEAPOLIS, MN, September 06, 2009 /24-7PressRelease/ — Terry Daniel, a voice over professional, is making himself available to the media to explain how social networking has been responsible for growing his niche voice over business. Daniel is willing to offer insider advice on how your viewers / readers / listeners can use applications like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and You Tube in building their own business. This is priceless information for your audience, especially in this struggling economy.

“I’ve picked up fifteen clients in 2009 from social media sites.” Terry Daniel, Voice Overs By Terry Daniel, Inc.

There is a craft in using these online social sites and Daniel, through trial and error, has learned how to manage his professional growth with the help of these web moguls. A recent June TIME Magazine cover story focuses on how Twitter is changing the way Americans live and even do business. TIME Writer, Steven Johnson says in the article how “Successful businesses will have millions of Twitter followers (and will pay good money to attract them) and a whole new language of tweet-based customer interaction will evolve to keep those followers engaged.”

Daniel has figured out how to engage businesses and organizations with his voice for almost 20-years. Now, he is engaging followers on sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and You Tube; and can explain how he uses the sites to attract and engage potential clients. This will be a value to your audience whether they know how to use the social media sites or if they are just now learning about them.

“Sell your personality, not your product” is just one of Daniel’s favorite social networking tips.

Daniel has a number of tips to pass along to your audience to help them learn the social networking ropes. Financial analysts and business forecasters have stated that entrepreneurs have the potential to save the American economy. This is your opportunity to take that step with your audience and show them that you are hunting the best sources to help them secure a better financial future and obtain the “American Dream.”

Daniel’s credits are as follow: HGTV, Sprint, YMCA, What Really Counts for CEO’s (Audio Book Narrator), Suzuki, Six Disciplines for Excellence (Audio Book Narrator), The American Red Cross, Work4ABC.com, The Discovery Channel, McDonalds, Great Clips, Wal-Mart, Hallmark, Miller Park (Milwaukee Brewers), United Way, United Building Centers, Regis Corporation, Lifetime Fitness, Kwik Trip, Boston Scientific, HOM Furniture, Close Combat: First to Fight (Video game) and many more!

“Some laugh when I ask them if they’re on Twitter. Then, I show them the income I’ve made from finding clients on Twitter. Suddenly, nobody’s laughing”  – Terry Daniel.