How to Become a Voiceover Artist

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The following paragraphs will explain how to succeed in voice over. This technique can be used for other things as well, which include book recording and narration.


  1. Find a voice coach. Although you may think that they work with singers, that’s not always the case.
  2. Work on the clearness of your voice.
  3. If possible, order “The Ross Reports”; they are great.
  4. Look for voice over jobs in your area.
  5. Go for the audition in person at local recording studios. (Unfortunately, many auditions require previous experience and/or union associations.)
  6. Do online voice-over auditions on websites like


  • Drink lemon water (The tang clears your throat from all that gunk)
  • Don’t, under any circumstances drink milk. (Or eat any dairy product, this causes phlegm.)


  • Take breaks, don’t overwork the voice.

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