Here’s a great perspective on what we do by guest blogger, Kara Edwards!

Last week, following my photography class, I was invited to join my instructor and a few fellow photographers for lunch. At one point during the meal, conversation turned to business, and the different aspects of marketing, networking, etc.

We all agreed that one of the most difficult parts of owning a business is prospecting for new clients. We admitted that we had all lacked a time or two in our follow up with potential business.

I remarked that as creative professionals, 90% of our time seems to be spent trying to get work, while 10% of our time is spent actually doing the work (something I’ve said many times before!).

That’s when Chris (yes, that’s his real name) explained a different way of looking at things. He said that prospecting for clients IS the job. All of the calling, e-mailing, researching, networking, marketing, advertising, accounting, paperwork, etc- that’s what our job is. Now, getting the work? That’s one of the perks of doing business!

Since I had never really looked at my business from that angle, I thought it was important to share. Perhaps you’ve been looking at it all wrong as well? I often say, “I love my job!” What I mean is, I enjoy the perks. From now on, I plan to change my attitude and embrace the job as a whole.

So- starting first thing this Monday morning, I am excited to get to work! And, I’ll make a point to relish the ‘perks’ that come my way!

Kara Edwards-Voice Actor