“I have contemplated attempting trying to get into doing voiceover work for a number of years. Though production and film related Meetup groups, a fellow member is assembling a cd of voiceover demos to be distributed throughout Louisiana as well as Dallas, Houston etc. I only just found out about the project, and quickly trying to put together a voice demo to be reviewed for inclusion on that cd. Though I have deejayed previously as well having 7yrs of telephone agent work in my past….I’ve no remnant of any airchecks etc….I do have an aqquaintance who will provide the recording facility. Do you have any suggestions in regards to scripts etc. I am, unfortunately, hurriedly trying to assemble material for my demo. Are there printed scripts available free to use, online? I would make changes in words, brands, etc. – Loma”


Thank you for your query.

I believe you should be prepared and always try to put your best foot forward, especially with a voiceover demo. If it turns out to be substandard because of lack of preparation, training, production quality, or because you “quickly try to put it together”, the demo will reflect these factors you may make a poor first impression that could hang with you for a while and work against you.

Your acquaintance with the studio- have you listened to any of the voiceover demos he/she has already produced? And are you being charged a fee for inclusion on the audio CD? You speak of “airchecks”. Never put an aircheck on anything, unless you’re applying for a broadcasting job.

Haste makes waste. I hope you don’t throw money after something that may not showcase your “Best foot”, or voice talent, in this case.

There are certainly free scripts out there for you to use. Check out : Edge Studio Voiceover

I personally feel you could be rushing into making a demo before you’re ready. But if you feel you are indeed ready, by all means do it.

All The Best,

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