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The Commercial Read


Emotionally connecting with the target audience should be the primary objective of the successful commercial. So any commercial audition should be prepared with this fact in mind. So how does one accomplish such a feat, when, aside from the writing and production of an ad, voice actors have no control over content, editing and music in [...]

The Commercial Read2009-08-28T11:29:46-06:00

Here is a recent email from a voiceover neophyte (newbie) and my advice.


I believe you should be prepared and always try to put your best foot forward, especially with a voiceover demo. If it turns out to be substandard because of lack of preparation, training, production quality, or because you “quickly try to put it together”, the demo will reflect these factors you may make a poor first impression that could hang with you for a while and work against you.

Here is a recent email from a voiceover neophyte (newbie) and my advice.2022-12-15T08:52:07-06:00
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