Insider Secrets To Getting Into Voiceovers With Terry Daniel

“Voice Over Rock Star”, Terry Daniel let’s it RIP in this Tell ALL VO teleseminar.

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    Teleseminar- Elaine Clark

    Elaine Clark is a voice and on-camera actor who has been seen and heard in hundreds of commercials, video games, narrations and more! The third edition of her best selling book, “There’s Money Where Your Mouth Is” is available on Amazon!

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      Teleseminar- Dan Friedman

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      Dan Friedman has been an audio engineer since 1994. He started in live sound, working in clubs with bands and musicians. Simultaneously, he got engineering jobs in radio and in a recording studio. After a few years he discovered the world of voiceover and realized it complemented some of his other strengths, having been a journalism major (essential to copy editing) as well as a bartender and hospitality major (essential to providing great customer service). He’s been working as a voiceover talent since 2005 with a continuously growing list of clients and several respectable radio and television campaigns to his credit.

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      1. October 1
        Cindy Lee Garcia @ 12:42 am

        Hello my name is Cindy Lee I have done some voice over work and really want too add so much more too it, I want my voice to tell a story capture the hearts of the listeners
        I believe this is an art

      Teleseminar Alyson

      Alyson is a graduate of the “Famed” HS of Performing Arts in NYC. After graduating her MFA in Dramaturgy she moved to Los Angeles and began doing extensive Voice Over work.

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        Teleseminar – Working with Agents

        On this free teleseminar – Terry Daniel is joined by Voice Over Agent and Talent Erik Sheppard as they discuss the Voice Over industry.

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        1. April 21
          Rick Lance @ 12:59 pm

          I always enjoy Erik’s no BS approach to the VO biz!
          Good to hear you boys!

        2. April 21
          Robert Williams @ 5:26 pm

          I would like to do a narration or cartoon character s in an animation or movie Okay rabbit wheres muggsy where he hiding? Hes not in this stove! Oh ho hiding him in the stove hey. Smile R.W. bugs is my favorite and I I say boy bak up son and let me show you how its done( foghorne) any minute Mr. Richochet and my nick name is boo boo.

        3. June 19
          John Lingua @ 8:49 pm

          I was in radio production some 18 years ago. I feel that I have the talent for voice-over work. I have very minimal equipment. Very little money to sink into the business. I have had this passion and desire for it ever since the day that I left. I keep fighting it because of the responsibilities of a family. How can I get started with the business, with little money and bare-bone equipment, and no QUIET!

          John (in Bartlett Tenn.)

          • May 31
            VOC @ 1:22 pm

            Hi John, thanks for your comments. The fastest, easiest and most effective way to get started in this industry, is to get some up-to-date training on how everything works in the “internet age” we are in. I recommend giving our members area a try for 3 days for only $1 here:

            Proper training and guidance will save you years of trial and error and wasted money (doing the wrong things) – and help you get on the fast track to actually making some money in the Voice Over Business!

        Teleseminar – Script Delivery And Technique

        On this free teleseminar – Terry Daniel is joined by Expert Voiceover Artist Bobbin Beam as they discuss script delivery and how they apply to doing voice overs.

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        1. February 24
          Tweets that mention Teleseminar – Script Delivery And Technique | Voice Over Club -- @ 4:11 pm

          […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Terry Daniel, Jean-Paul Orr. Jean-Paul Orr said: Defo worth a listen […]

        2. February 26
          Dave Johnston @ 12:33 pm

          Greeting’s, really enjoyed this,since it is a pillar of voice over excellence.Best wishes in your endeavors always.

        Teleseminar – Voice Over Websites

        Terry Daniel is joined by Scott “Scooter” Fortney – to discuss Voice Over Websites on this FREE Teleseminar.

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          Teleseminar – Recording Voice Overs

          In this FREE Voice Over Teleseminar – Terry Daniel and George M. Whittam discuss recording techniques for voice over actors (and answer a bunch of listener’s questions).

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          1. December 14
            Sonji Cooks @ 6:16 pm

            This website has been very informative and encouraging. I found it on an ad at Explore Talent.

          2. December 17
            Clay Nelson @ 11:26 pm

            Hmm well where to begin, i have always liked trying to change my voice to imitate other voices i love doing this, i can change my voice to match a lot of anime characters, one of my favorite voice actors is johnny bosch i would really like to follow in his footsteps and be the best Voice over actor there is or has been i really would like to make a demo but i don’t know who i would send it to or what to do i suppose that is my question here.

            – Thanks for your time if you could help me

          3. January 4
            Dominic L @ 11:03 pm

            This web site is awsome!!!I am a 45 year old male and have been looking forward to getting into voice overs,u have provided so much info for me thank u!!!!!

          4. January 4
            Dominic L @ 11:05 pm

            Thanks so much for ur priceless info!I am looking so forward to starting off in voice overs,I had no idea were to begin,now i got a great start,thanks so much!!!!

          5. January 6
            dp teipel @ 3:23 pm

            yes i would like to learn more about voice overs. please forward to me at the address. thank you.

          6. January 6
            dp teipel @ 3:32 pm

            what resources are needed to make a demo that is professional enough to be heard by decision-makers?

          Voice Over Teleseminar – Auditioning

          In this free teleseminar – Terry Daniel and George Washington III share Voice Over AUDITIONING tips and advice.

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            Voice Over Teleseminar on Using Social Media

            In this free teleseminar – Terry Daniel and Dave Courvoisier discuss how to use Social Media to promote your Voice Over services.

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            1. September 9
              help me further so I may be a star with youe guidence @ 11:12 am

              I have a nice voice with a touch of a foreign accent I need to get going will you be my couch??

            2. September 9
              Howard Ellison @ 3:54 pm

              What a motivating hour – and thanks Terry and Dave for posting a playback so we could enjoy it over here in England, without staying up until 2 am ! You guys in USA seem to be well ahead in using e-media to share your skills. Glad you do it, so we newcomers can smarten up on acting, recording, marketing… Next step, social media… action video. Why not? It can’t be any more challenging than setting up a good recording channel: in fact you make it sound easy and fun. Watch this space. And thanks again.
              Howard Ellison. Devon UK.

            3. September 9
              Ed Hawthorne @ 7:28 pm

              My plane was delayed, flat tire. I just wanted to thank you for re-broadcasting the Voice Over Teleseminar on Using Social Media it was great!


            4. September 9
              Andrea @ 10:14 pm

              Great! sorry i missed it yesterday and thanks for saving it online! I could now listen to you talk about the internet while making brownies!!

            5. September 16
              Scott Burns @ 7:28 pm

              I had the extreme pleasure of meeting Dave at the Faffcon – Voice UN-conference in Portland over the weekend. What a genuine guy! Just as easy going as you hear here. So…here here!
              The one thing I missed was the discussion on Social Media, but this teleconference replay gave me plenty to work with.
              Thank you Dave and Terry!

              Here here!!

            6. October 4
              Larry Latimer @ 3:04 pm

              I want to make my living doing VO !!! I have been a radio DJ and done a few commercials how do I jump start my career (aside from hard work?)

              • October 4
                Terry Daniel @ 3:11 pm

                Hey Larry,

                Thank you for your comments! Click on the link below to watch a free presentation on discovering the truth about doing voiceovers. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks again!


            7. October 26
              Robert Michaud @ 10:45 am

              Hey Terry been trying to find a way to get in touch with you, I live in Green Bay, WI and was wondering if you would ever bee interested in giving me a tour of your studio and equipment if I ever stopped over in MN? I’m new to the Voice Over Ind my site is still under construction atm and I don’t have a lot to show for Demos either right now, but I was wondering if you could maybe give me some pointers as well?

            8. November 2
              Robert Williamson @ 4:36 pm

              Great information. I gotta consolidate my online accounts. Thanks for taking the time to share this.

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