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Fast Food Voice Hobbyists Are Not Your Competition

Do you think a four-star restaurant chef panicked over the new McDonald’s value menu? Could you picture him in the kitchen sweating bullets, worrying that his loyal customers will abandon his Filet Mignon for McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish? Of course not! The odds of something like that ever happening in real-life are ridiculously low, right? But, why [...]

Let’s Rock the Mic in 2014!

The clock has been reset. The slate has been wiped clean. You are back at day one. Now what? Do you put the pedal to the medal and go for broke, hoping for the best? Sure…if you want to crash and burn before February. Look at January 1st the same that you would the first of [...]

…It’s the Principle of the Thing!

When it comes to growing their businesses, there are too many people that seem to focus on following the Law of Large Numbers. They feel as if the more customers and clients they are able to have, the more successful their business will become due to all of the work that they will be receiving. It [...]

The Mosquito and the Mentor

I love almost everything about Minnesota summers – the weather, vacations, and beautiful days at Lake Calhoun and so on. However, towards the top of the list of things that I absolutely hate about this season are mosquitoes! Tiny little bugs who can very easily make your life miserable just by forcing their way into it! [...]

Lowballing Is Normal In ALL Businesses!

Yeah, I know exactly what you're thinking right now. After you read the title of this blog, you probably thought, "Oh man! It's yet ANOTHER blog about lowballing in the voiceover industry!" I know you might find it ironic and even a little funny that I have already made a post advising people to stop blogging [...]

Show Me The Clients!

Do you remember how you treated your very first client? You probably spent hours each day trying to stay in contact with them – through phone, e-mail, text or whatever other form of technology you had available at that time. You were interested in getting to know everything about them, personally and professionally, and made yourself [...]

How to Cure the Disease of Negativity in Your Voiceover Business

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics recently reported that companies collectively lose close to $3 billion on a yearly basis because of the negativity within the workplace that is manifested through the attitudes and behavior reflected within the work environment. Can you imagine how much you would be able to do for your business and for [...]

Are Facebook Business Pages the key to Survival?

Stay with me for a moment, boys and girls, as we take a quick trip down memory lane. Are you ready? Here we go. A Blast from the Past Two decades ago, the vast majority of businesses were still trying to adjust to using computers and other forms of technology within their daily operations as the [...]

Positioning Yourself for Success in the New Year!

Each year, time seems to fly directly into the New Year almost overnight after Thanksgiving has passed. Before long, Christmas will be here and gone and then we will all have to flip our calendars over to the next month. You may have already begun reflecting on the amazing year that you had both personally and [...]

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