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      What Do You Truly Want?

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      Seriously, what do you want?  Something for nothing doesn’t exist and unfortunately for many of us, neither does the land of Dairy Queen with its chocolate mountains adorned with peanuts, topped with ice cream and flowing rivers of chocolate and caramel!  So let’s just be real for a moment.
      You’ve been told all your life that you have this great voice and should be a voice over talent.

      That’s not enough!

      You’re curious about the possibility of becoming a voice over talent.  People have told you that you have a great voice and it’s something you’d like to explore.

      That’s better!

      You want to be a professional voice over talent. You want to know how to do it right and want to get mentoring from real working voice over professionals who are doing what you want to do.

      Now you’re talking!

      If you want to be taken seriously, you must have serious intentions.  You must clearly define what you want and decide what you are willing to give to get it.   It’s quite simple, really.  To complete a triathlon you will need to be able to swim, bike, and run.  That will require some strength, cardio and endurance training. Additionally, you will need to fuel your body appropriately and have the right gear to complete the event. That will likely mean investing in some professional training to learn and improve your skills in each of the three sports, disciplining yourself to commit to the training regimen – even when you don’t feel like it – and investing in the appropriate gear so you can compete.

      To compete as a voice over talent, you will need to be able to record your voice and deliver a variety of scripts, be teachable and directable, invest in professional training to learn and improve upon your skills and create a kickin’ demo.  You’ll need to discipline yourself to commit to the training, auditioning, editing and follow-through – even when you don’t feel like it – and invest in the appropriate equipment to get the job done.

      You know what you need to do.  So what’s holding you back?

      You need to want it enough to invest your time, money and energy into making what you want your reality. You need to want it – not your friends or all those people who have told you all your life that you have the most amazing voice.  If you don’t want it, investing your time, money and energy into training is simply foolish!

      You need to want it and be bold enough to commit to it.  If you are not willing to commit to it, you will certainly fail because you will not be willing to give your full effort into making it happen. When you want it enough to commit to it, then the time, money and effort you invest in making it your reality will be an investment you are excited to make in yourself.

      Good luck!


      1. July 26
        Skip Orem @ 5:37 pm

        You got
        Hat right, Terry!

      2. August 16
        Paul Hernandez @ 2:29 pm

        I agree Terry, and I would add, it’s not just about the great voice. As I read your blog I was reminded of this guy who tried out earlier this season for America’s Got Talent. He had this big deep Lou Ralls type voice. He announced for himself back stage and then came out and gave this very announcerish presentation. It was pretty cheezy. I imagine he was a guy who’s heard from lots of people that he has a great voice. I think he was hoping his voice would get him through, however, I believe he received an X from all the judges. All that to say that it’s more than just a big voice. It’s learning the skill of using your voice. That’s something that you need to learn through training from a good voice coach like yourself.

      3. August 16
        Roy Bunales @ 5:22 pm

        Great article Terry. Having a great voice is one thing. But knowing how to use your voice effectively is a different animal. For people interested in getting started in voice over should invest in themselves to get the proper training. Be a student of the business and learn voice over technique. Even if you don’t pursue the voice over business, at least you’ll have learned how to speak effective english, be a better public speaker or give killer business/sales presentations.

        All my life I have been told that I have a great voice…and I never listened. Until one day back in 1997, I delivered a pizza to a talent agent and he told me what to do to get started in voice overs just like Terry is saying here. I’m glad I listened to the one person qualified to tell me that I have a great voice and to get training. I never regretted listening to his advice.

      4. August 17
        Tim Davidson @ 11:36 am

        So what is the cost?
        Where would I have to travel to, ie: where is your school located at?

        • August 17
          Terry Daniel @ 1:30 pm

          Hi Tim,

          Thanks for writing. I’ll send you some information.

      5. August 17
        roonald birton @ 5:36 pm

        where can i get training here in chicago and how do i produce avoice over tape

      6. August 18
        Marcel Madsen @ 2:44 pm

        Hello Terry, Thank you for the email. I would also like to know the costs and location of your studio. Please send me some more information. Thank you.
        Marcel Madsen

      7. August 18
        Marcel Madsen @ 2:46 pm

        Hello Terry. Could you please send me some information on costs of training and your location.
        Thank you.
        Marcel Madsen

        • August 18
          Terry Daniel @ 3:16 pm

          Hi Marcel,

          Thank you for your comments. I’ll send you some information. 🙂

      8. August 19
        Bill Aves @ 11:51 am

        Good information…I’m looking forward to finishing our coaching sessions together !

      9. September 27
        lemon luv's @ 4:27 pm

        Hello Terry

        Your article was straight to the point that’s for sure
        I’m a keeping it real type person so those points were
        great I’m a local stand up comedian who would love to
        break into voice overs and I know it takes time money
        and dedication I’m unemployed at the moment so the
        money part is out for now

        Get to the point right? okay what I’m trying to
        say is what could I do voice over wise that can
        be money free? and still work towards voice over
        work? Thanks for your time Terry

      10. December 10
        Ande Shaul @ 2:34 pm

        I would also like some info on training, coaching and demo production. That is something you do, correct?

      11. December 29
        Patty Pentell @ 9:15 pm

        Hi Terry
        I am seriously interested in pursuing a voice over career. I have sung professioinally and done a few jingles over the years. My husband wants to hear more information, bottem lines, if you will, concerning cost of equipment(I have a laptop that I can use with the demo production), and the income potential. I would like your honest answer of success rates with the people you have mentored. Thank you for your time, Terry

      12. January 14
        Howard Ellison @ 1:51 pm

        Triathlon! A great analogy, Terry. It’s started me counting the steps to Chocolate Mountain: planning, coaching, studio/IT, marketing, admin, auditioning, networking, performing… I expect I’ve missed a few there, but that’s, what, an Octathlon?

      13. January 28
        Michael Boyd @ 2:41 pm

        Spot on Terry, good man!

      14. January 30
        DVS Voice Overs @ 11:33 am

        Terry, I am seriously interested in your training and coaching. Please send me some info as well. This is my life. I want this more than anything.

      15. February 2
        Martin Walker @ 4:07 pm

        Hello Terry,

        I would like to get some more info on the service that you provide to someone seeking to break into the voice over business. (cost, training ect.)

        Thank you.

        • February 2
          Terry Daniel @ 4:11 pm

          Hi Martin,

          Thank you for your comments. For starters, you can join our membership area at There are tons of training modules on auditioning, recording, script delivery and more.

      16. May 14
        Rebecca @ 9:10 am

        Thanks Terry, I’m working on everything and yes I WANT it !!

      17. July 7
        Jeff Heedles @ 7:21 pm

        Hey Terry, This tells it the way it is . Im on the way to making this a reality. Keep your phone line open. Talk to you soon.

      18. July 17
        Jimmy Lynn Wiley @ 4:02 pm

        I purchased a fast track pro tool, a MXL V69 tube Mic which was quite expensive, I have a Dell Laptop with vista operating system. I am almost finished with a small studio in my home and when done, I do want to dive into the voice over business..I am trying to build a business in this industry when I retire in 6 months..Is the equipment I own adequate and can I get training through joining voice over club? I would like to find a studio in Texas that is familiar with helping with a voice demo. I would appreciate your comments on the above..
        Thank you

        • July 17
          Terry Daniel @ 4:44 pm

          Hi Jimmy,

          Thank you for the comments. Sounds like you have some great equipment already. Feel free to become a member a Voice Over Club! The link is below. I will also send you some information on coaching and demo production. Thanks again!

      19. July 31
        Noel Burndahl @ 5:34 pm

        Hi Terry,

        Great advice. Anything worth while takes time effort and yep even money.


      20. September 21
        Linda Marr @ 6:29 pm

        Hi Terry:

        I am one of those who have been told for many years that I have a great voice and I realize that I need coaching and a great demo and would like to get information on where I can take classes and how to go about making demo tapes. Thank you so much for any help you can give me.


      21. December 1
        Scott Servheen @ 12:49 pm

        Where to begin? I’ve been reading your tutorials Terry, and find them very helpful and very educational. I grew up working in theatre, acted quite a bit at the beginning, but have spent 30 years in production work and loved it. Now it’s time to re-adjust my career and begin the second half of my life.

        You spoke separately about the puzzle of my future and what it looks like. I KNOW what it looks like, I simply need to get there. Equipment, tutorials in production and editing, marketing… As I mentioned, I’ve done what I currently DO for 30 plus years, so I’m a bit wet-behind-the ears when it comes to starting anew. But my heart is IN it, and your words are very encouraging. I guess I wish you were closer to Seattle. Certainly there are questions about microphones, editing programs, choosing background music… What is the best way for me to utilize YOU and this site to gain the best knowledge and move forward efficiently and economically?

      22. December 20
        Marge Castellanos @ 12:19 pm

        Hi Terry,
        I’ve been following you for about 4 months now and am committed to investing my efforts and what I can afford toward training and equipment in 2013!!! I have a lovely home office which can be easily blanketed for sound. I have garage band, which is pretty good for music demos- do you think it would be sufficient to start with voice over? Can you recommend where to get training and help with my demo in the Las Vegas area?
        Thanks for the online advice! I look forward to opening my email and finding advice from you, Dave Courvasier and all the other successful voicers that are so generous with their knowledge and advice!

        • December 20
          Terry Daniel @ 12:24 pm

          Hi Marge!

          That is great! We can help with coaching and demo production. Send an email to [email protected]

          Thank you for the kind words and happy holidays! 🙂

      23. December 20
        Marge Castellanos @ 1:03 pm

        Thanks Terry, and Merry Christmas to you!!!


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            Finding Networking Opportunities

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            Networking is critical to your success as a voice over talent so it pays to become a master networker.  While networking is necessary it doesn’t have to be a grueling experience.  Here are some tips to help you become a master networker.

            Think of people who you know and businesses you frequent.  Do a bit of research to find the appropriate contacts and find out what their experience has been with current voice over talent and if they are open to accepting new voice over talent submissions.  Pay attention to any clues that may help you to serve them better than their existing talent base.

            Look for networking opportunities in your local community where potential decision makers gather.  Chamber of Commerce meetings, marketing and advertising gatherings, and local business MeetUp groups are good places to start.  Attend these gatherings, introduce yourself and, in the course of the conversation, find out what you can do to help them accomplish their goals better with your voice over services.  Then make sure to follow up with these people within 24 to 48 hours after the event using the information you gleaned from your initial introduction.

            Contact charities or causes for which you feel a passion.  The Animal Humane Society, The American Red Cross, The American Cancer Society, and so many more are wonderful and worthy organizations which you may offer to volunteer your voice for a commercial or event.  This gesture has also led to future paid voice over work for me.  Attend their events and you will meet other contacts of companies who support these organizations too.

            Social Media Marketing is only growing and the people who are hiring voice over talent are using it as a tool to find talent.  If you are not yet taking advantage of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube you need to do so.  Check out to see what is new in Social Media and Voice Over.

            Set a realistic networking goal for yourself and schedule networking events and activities into your calendar.  What gets scheduled gets done!

            Finally, relax.  People are not thinking about you as much as they are thinking about themselves, their challenges and how others perceive them.  Make it your goal to make them feel comfortable and important. See how you can help them and they will respond in kind.

            Put these tips into practice consistently and you will build a fabulous network and momentum that will continuously feed your business.


            1. September 30
              Rosanne Cleveland-King @ 9:38 am

              Terrific and informative article, Terry. Good to see you here.

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