At the top of every voice actor’s to-do-list is generally finding and securing the services of voice talent agents. Many aspects of a voice acting career are simplified by having a good agent. Nevertheless, it is not always that easy to contract with one, and there are many talented individuals who choose not to hire one and there are various reasons why.

Voice talent agencies and voice over talent agents are often located in hotbeds for voice over work such as cities like New York or Los Angeles as well as other high profile cities. Even though these cities are perceived to have many opportunities as well as being well-connected to the lucrative business of voice over work, when considering representation by an agent there are other markets to think about as well. While many agents choose to be based out of major cities, others prefer working with talent locally according to the state they live in.

Some voice over talent agents specialize in voice actors only and others serve a variety of talented artists like models, singers, actors, and other performers. Due to the volume of applications received, many agents prefer not to be easily accessible by phone or email. This is where snail-mail comes in handy, and many ingenious people understand how to use this medium well. If you want to get noticed, it is best that you research the preferred method before offering to contact them. Once you have done so, allow adequate time for a reply before sending any further inquiry. By showing this kind of courtesy, you may win the respect of the staff as well as the voice over talent agents you are trying to work with.

Packages sent to talent agents should contain a short cover letter along with a resume, references, a headshot and a CD voice over demo. Each agent is different, buy many enjoy receiving packages that stand out from the others. Regardless what kind of package you are sending, make sure it is something that the secretary or other staff member will feel comfortable passing on to the agent in question. Many times, these members of the staff have been instructed to inspect and discard anything that does not look professional so make sure you meet the qualifications right from the get to.

Busy voice over agents have little time to waste having to sort through everything to get to the most impressive materials. If you don’t have time to send in your best work, don’t expect them to use up their valuable time trying to discover what is great about you. It is your job to make it easier for them to find out what you can do for them.

Even if an agent is unwilling to accept you as a client at this time, it doesn’t mean that they will not be willing to do so in the future. Keep their name on your list and re-submit your demo in a few months. Besides, if they like what they saw in the first place, when a position in their agency becomes available they may just be getting in touch with you. If you are offered a contract, be certain that you understand what you are agreeing to. Since there is typically a lot of legal language in contracts, consider having your attorney look it over for you and help you with the translation. This could save a lot of headaches in the future.

Once you have established yourself with a good agent, you may be able to look forward to a lucrative career.