The following is a look at some of the best cities in which voice over work can be found.

New York City, NY

When looking for the best city in which to do voice over work for advertisements, you should go to New York City. The reason for this is that the top advertising agencies are locates here in the Big Apple. With this in mind, it is sensible that the biggest congregation of voice over talent is also located here. Even though such famous voice over talent like Rick Blade and Donald James operate out of New York, big advertising agencies certainly have what it takes to bring celebrities into the city when they need them for voice over advertisements.

Los Angeles, CA

The best location for voice over work in movies is Los Angeles because many of the actors working in this arena live and work in Hollywood. That means people searching for the right talent to hire often take a trip to Los Angeles to find a particular voice. While voice over work in movies generally use the actors, this is not true with animated films. An example of that would be the voice over of Henry Hill in Martin Scorsese’s Goodfellas came from the actor who played the role, Ray Liotta.

Chicago, IL

Voice over actors who live in the Midwest who are not interested in going to Los Angeles or New York may want to visit Chicago for work. Chicago has earned several names over the years such as the Windy City, Big Radio City, and the hub of the Midwest, and it has a long history in work for voice talent. Some of Chicago’s voice artists have been Bob Worthington, Harlan Hogan, and Gonzo Schexnayder who have lent their voices to help promote many large companies throughout the country. There is no shortage in raw talent since Chicago has many great voice training programs.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver has long been known as one of the western world’s leading animation producers. This is because it offers state-of-the-art studios to help create great possibilities for those wishing to break into animation as well as those who are already going strong in this industry. You may recognize some of the animation talent that has come out of Vancouver. They include Eddy, Edd, Ed, and The Prince of Egypt. With this thriving scene, no one has to wonder why Vancouver has made its mark on the animation industry as the best place to find voice over artists. It is important to the overall success of high quality animations that it has only the finest and highest quality voice talents to bring out the essence of the stories being told.

Montreal, Quebec

Gaming voice over work is another part of the voice over industry for which the need for talent is being met by another Canadian city, Montreal. This city has quickly become a major player in this industry in recent years. Today, there are over 50 development companies, 18 gaming services companies, and 14 software companies operating in this important city, and they offer more than 6,000 jobs. There is no doubt about it that an integral part of the video game industry is voice over work. The special training received in Montreal provides the voice talents need for that.

There you have it, the top cities where voice over work plays a major role in the economy.