#1: They say retirement means the end of your working years. We say plan well — so you can redefine retirement any time and any way you want. For many, it will be a bridge to a second career. A new business. Or a true labor of love. At PaineWebber, we know that different ways of thinking about retirement also mean different ways of helping you plan for it. A PaineWebber Investment Executive can help you find your own path through the multitude of investment choices that are out there today. When you know that retirement could lead you to the best job description of all — doing what you’ve always wanted to do — You’ll say … Thank you PaineWebber.

#2: They say making sure your will specifies who gets what is the important thing. We say making sure they get to keep it is even more important. The largest tax bill many surviving spouses and single parents owe is after they die…when an estate can be taxed for up to 55% of its value. That’s why we offer investors the specialized services of Wealth Preservation Planning. And why we’re the only investment firm that has created a national network of estate tax planning attorneys. When you know the wealth you worked a lifetime for is going where you want it to go–not to Uncle Sam– you’ll say…Thank you PaineWebber.