New York didn’t become the city of bright lights overnight. Thousands of power house electricians, engineers and laborers devoted their lives to making sure that New York’s power would stay on in offices, schools and homes day after day, hour after hour. They were unaware that the asbestos they used would cause them to develop nisophileoma, lung cancer or asbestosis. Fortunately, the law firm of Weitz and Luxemberg have been fighting for their rights and have litigated more asbestos cases in New York than all other law firms combined. If you are an asbestos victim or a survivor of a deceased asbestos victim, you should understand your legal rights. Call Weitz and Luxemberg toll free at 1 888 411- LAWS for a free consultation and booklet. That’s I -888 411 L-A-W-S. Weitz and Luxemberg … setting the standard in asbestos litigation for over a decade.