If The Mic Isn’t Rockin, Start Walkin!


When the mic is rockin’, don’t bother knockin’! Okay, so what do you do if it’s just not rockin’ and you’re having a tough time getting your delivery down and you're stumbling through the entire script? Instead of getting frustrated and stressed out, take a break and come back to it. That’s right! Go for a [...]

If The Mic Isn’t Rockin, Start Walkin!2012-09-12T12:03:56-06:00

A Healthy Diet Means A Healthy Voice And A Healthy Attitude


Towards the beginning of every year, millions of people around the world make the decision to get in shape and get healthier. That day came for me about a month ago. Up until that moment, I was still fairly active throughout the week by playing basketball. However, my biggest weaknesses came in the form of breaded [...]

A Healthy Diet Means A Healthy Voice And A Healthy Attitude2023-06-20T10:27:01-06:00

Ten Reasons Your Microphone Is Collecting Dust


1.) You’re taking your clients for granted: You’ve built up a solid clientele, and now you’re assuming they’re always going to be there. This can be a dangerous assumption when it comes to developing your professional career as a voiceover artist. Never assume that those regular clients are going to be eternally consistent. This is a [...]

Ten Reasons Your Microphone Is Collecting Dust2023-06-20T09:59:01-06:00

Social Media and the Voice Over Industry


We're less than a month away from Voice 2012 at Disneyland! For the second time in four years, I am joined by Dave Courvoisier and Trish Basanyi on stage to present another seminar on social media and voice over industry. This is a subject I am passionate about because it has helped the growth of my [...]

Social Media and the Voice Over Industry2012-05-20T19:07:21-06:00

The Voice Over Cafe


A few years back, Trish Basanyi and I recorded twenty episodes of "Voice Overs on Demand", a podcast that quickly earned a steady following of voice over pros and students. We interviewed guests like Joe Cipriano, Randy Thomas and Rodney Saulsberry, just to name a few. We were very candid the way we went out about [...]

The Voice Over Cafe2022-12-15T09:56:40-06:00

Cartoon Voices


Check out Lori Taylor and Terry Daniel in action! Try Voice Over Club FREE FOR 7 DAYS!

Cartoon Voices2023-06-20T09:59:01-06:00

Quality Of Service Over Quantity Of Prices


Two people decide to open their own separate restaurants on the same street. Both restaurants serve the same type of food and drinks and they both are able to satisfy their customers. If you’re hungry, going to either restaurant would satisfy your appetite. One of the biggest differences is that one restaurant charges more for their [...]

Quality Of Service Over Quantity Of Prices2012-02-16T17:12:53-06:00

Kiss My Budget!


Wait, WHAT? Budget is not a curse word! It’s a term that we should all become comfortable with using frequently. All clients have budgets to work with and we should get used to getting them to talk about it. Remember, this is not a hobby that we are doing for free – this is our business! [...]

Kiss My Budget!2012-01-30T10:19:33-06:00



Is business a little slow right now? Spending too much time on "Words with Friends?" First quarter can be very slow, no matter what business you are in. The good news is there are steps you can take to make it easier to slide into the fast lane. So, before you push the panic button and [...]

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