Don LaFontaine: The Voice

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Remembering Don LaFontaine, who died a year ago today.

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    12 Responses to “Don LaFontaine: The Voice”

    1. September 8
      Walter Boylan @ 8:59 am

      Love the world of “Voice Overs”. I have been doing voices at home and to cartoons since I was a little kid. I recognize many voices in different commercials and animated productions. I know I could be used in the industry. Don LaFontaine has one of the best if not the best voice I have ever heard. My Fater has a voice similar to his. Please show me how I can get started in the BIZ!!

    2. September 8
      Donna Sullivan @ 10:23 am

      It gives me more hope to one day really make a great living in this industry that I Love… Don LaFontaine was the best… I cannot believe he’s been gone for a Year now how time does fly…

      May God Bless


    3. September 8
      Roy Bunales @ 4:24 pm

      Thanks for sharing! The Don is one of my VO heroes and inspire me to start a career in VO back in ’97. If only I could have met him before he passed on.


    4. September 8
      Franklin @ 5:43 pm

      Thanks Don,
      For being the voice others follow!!
      Personal take in your own voice so true!


    5. November 13
      Joseph Eric @ 12:37 am

      Thanks for the post…….
      In a world , our world, Don still lives.
      I am such a huge fan , that i just watch trailers hoping to catch someone who would sounds like him……It’s because of him i speak trailers in my sleep.
      And this video helps me stay persistent in the career of voice acting in a country of over a billion people .
      Thank You Don and May God Bless.
      Joseph Eric

    6. December 21
      Hussein HAmis @ 3:09 am

      Don is master, his sound really promote a pleasure of being Voice Over actor. So am admiring the man as my specimen, That Great Master.
      The Don you are UP.

    7. November 19
      Guido Furlani @ 2:43 am

      Thank you for sharing the story and gift of this amazing man. Gob bless.

    8. January 14
      Your Girl!... Dr. Reda C. D.Sc. @ 7:49 am

      I love Mr. Don LaFontaine, I love his voice best on scary movies. Boy! he used make nervous. So, just imagine being nervous before the movie comes on. Your gonna JUMP out of seat. There will never be another to replace him.

      I am glad to see this video of him. He brought me a lot of joy growing up. He made it fun to go to movies. Anyways, good talent will never be forgotten. I simply appreciate good talent from anyone who beat the odds. Thank for making me smile.

    9. March 3
      Sybil Taylor @ 7:17 pm

      Inspirational video.

    10. June 12
      KENNETH RAYMOND @ 11:59 am

      I have been told for years that I have a voice for radio. I work for Allstate and am always being asked if I am the Allstate guy (Dennis Haysbert). I have always had a knack for public speaking and using my voice so I have a voice coach now and I practice scripts. I listen intently and I respect Don LaFontaines voice so much! He was a giant and a person I look up to!

    11. November 19
      KK Ryder @ 11:34 pm

      So amazing,such a talent…and funny quick witted…I love the story about him being the class cut up and the teacher sends him to the office when his voice changed…that voice became one of the most popular voices ever to be heard,I didn’t know him personally but in the VO world you hear his name all the time and you will almost always hear “in a world” spoken by someone on the mic during a mic check…what a legacy Don left behind…he sure is missed!

    12. October 3
      Jane R. Ginsburg @ 3:11 am

      I enjoyed hearing Dom LaFontaine’s video. He left behind quite a legacy. May he rest in peace.