Voice Over Agencies

1. Voice over jobs with Another Tongue

If you are looking to do voice over jobs for TV, radio, animation, documentaries, promos, audio books and more then Another Tongue could be the place for you. The agency represents over 300 voice over artists who, like you are looking for work in this competitive market. There are a number of ways to contact this agency with one being via telephone. You can also go to their premises in London’s West End. On their website you can submit a showreel to them and contact them by email with a demo and photo if you want them to represent you.

2. Using voice over agents Cut Glass Productions

Cut Glass Productions is one of the voice over agents that offer much more than just representation. This agency has their own studio where you can record your demo and use their studio for future work. If you use their studio to record your demo you can then use an agent from the company to help promote you. You can contact Cut Glass Production via email, phone or fax. It is also possible to meet with them at their offices in Camden, London.

3. Earache Voices offer you voice over work

If you are looking for voice over work that is more specialised then Earache Voices is the agency for you. This agency offers to help people find work in character voices, comedy talent, narration, audio books and accents. You can call them to make an appointment with an agent or email one of the three main agents. You will need to have your demo with you and a photo so they can assess your eligibility.

4. Excellent Voice Company Ltd can get you a voiceover job

You can get a voiceover job by being represented by Excellent Voice Company Lid. However, this agency is more likely to represent you if you have experience in the field. You will need to submit your demo to them via email or send it to their London office. Once they receive your demo they will listen to it and if they like you they will call you for an interview.

5. Use Foreign Versions Ltd for voice over work

If you are able to speak more than one language then you can get voice over work with Foreign Versions Ltd. This agency has been doing this kind of work since 1982 and has a wide range of experience getting people work in television, audio visual work, corporate and conference productions. If you want them to represent you then you can send them your demo and CV via email or mail to their office in London.

6. Foreign Voices offers voice over jobs to all

Foreign Voices is another agency that caters to people who can speak more than one language. The majority of artists that they give work to are freelancers who are available for hourly or daily work via a professional studio. To be put on their books you can send an application to them via email. You should include a 90 second demo in your native language, a demo in English, a headshot and resume.

7. Qvoice one of the most prestigious voice over agencies

Qvoice is one of the most prestigious voice over agencies in the London area. They have range of artists that they represent and have an impressive client list. To get them to represent you, you can contact them via telephone to make an appointment with an agent, email them your demo and headshot or go to their offices in London.

8. Rabbit Vocal Management has quality voice over agents

Rabbit Vocal Management is an agency that will become voice over agents for a range of people. They take on artists of all ages. To contact them you can submit a query using their website or you can visit their office in London. If you go to their office you will need a demo recording and a CV.

9. Getting voice over jobs with Rhubarb

It is possible to get voice over jobs with Rhubarb as they are one of the UK’s premier voice over agencies. They have been in this business for over 20 years so they can offer you a lot of experience. To contact them for representation you can call their London office, email them, visit their physical address or contact them via Skype.

10. Sue Terry Voices helps you find voice over work

If you already have some experience in voice over work then Sue Terry Voices can become your agent. This agency only takes on experienced, highly credited artists. They will want to get to know you before they give you work so be prepared. To contact them you can visit their London office, call them or email them. However for representation you must email them your CV before doing anything else.

There are many voice over agencies that can get you work. Some will specialise in one kind of work or look for certain voices. This is why you should always contact them to see what they want and if they have space on their books for you as many will not return demos.

1. Voice over jobs with Another Tongue