Okay, you have taken the necessary classes, learning about voice tone, how to deliver the message with sincerity, and how to interpret every last detail of the copy. You have done your work well, creating you demo and delivering it to all the casting directors and agents you can find. That paid off big time because your phone just rang and you have arranged for your first voice over audition.

Here is where everything comes together. You are aware that you have all the talent and skills you need to get into voice acting, and the only thing standing between you and success is that first voice over audition. Calm down, there is nothing to worry about. With the tips below you will be ready and primed to take that audition by storm.

1. Every audition begins long before it actually takes place. The best time to start preparing your voice is the minute you hear that you have one scheduled. That means avoiding any and all beverages and other things that are known to cause stickiness or dryness in your throat and mouth. You should only be drinking water right now and leave the coffee, milk, sodas and other beverages alone until after your voice over audition. Replace these with water so that you will remain hydrated.

2. This is not the time to stay mute, but you will want to avoid straining your voice. In order for your voice over audition to be well received, your vocal cords will need to be strong for your audition. Even if you do watch your favorite sports team in their final competition, make sure that you refrain from screaming at the refs or yelling with excitement when they score.

3. Get to bed early, and if you can, take a nap before going to your audition. Make sure that you early enough to go over the script without being rushed. Stress will show up in your voice and you don’t want that to happen so do what you can to stay calm. Do some vocal exercises so that your voice will be warmed up and ready to go.

4. You want to feel comfortable and confident during your voice over audition. That means dressing the part of a true professional. Business casual will get you there without being overdressed. Don’t wear noisy clothing or jewelry that can interfere with your microphone techniques.

5. Practice your script analysis technique the night before your audition so that you will be ready when the time comes to go over the real script. Take a pencil with you to your voice over audition and mark the script according to how you feel the advertiser wants the message to be conveyed.

By using the above tips, you will be well prepared to offer your best voice over audition. Just remember that even if you do not get this one there is another one down the road that is just right for you. It is these auditions that give you the exposure you need to be recognized. You should take advantage of every opportunity to audition, even if you feel that you may not be a good fit. You never know when you will get that break you’ve been waiting for. By giving your best performance every time, you will gain the confidence you need and make a good impression on clients.