With the increasing number of profitable voice over jobs that are erupting throughout the world these days, aspiring voice artists should be able to access them through voice over auditions. With the following tips, anyone who is interested in getting into the voice over industry or just getting started with voice acting should be able to approach voice over auditions with enough confidence to get the job they are after.

When you attend voice over auditions or even audition from the studio you have in your home, you can be ready by considering these 5 things.

Improving Your Vocal Quality

There are times when voice over auditions will consist of a single word, and that means the quality of your voice is critical. You should do everything you can do get your voice in the best shape possible. It is important that you maintain good hydration and that you avoid things such as foods and beverages that are known to dry your voice out. Traditional offenders include cigarettes, alcohol, coffee, acidic drinks like soft drinks and dairy products.

You also should learn how to use relaxation techniques to help you avoid tension that can get into your voice, and you should make sure that you don’t hold your breath while doing voice over auditions. In addition to that, you should work with a few vocal warm-up exercises if time permits just prior to your audition. This is particularly true when you are auditioning for a job that requires narration so that you get proper placement and while you are reading copy your voice will not tire.

Sharpen Your Acting Skills

When you approach each voice over audition as if you are auditioning for an acting role, you will get great results. You might want to give some thought to enrolling in an acting class so you can learn some of the basics of acting skills such as the best way to be truthful even when working in an imaginary situation, and how to go about creating a character. This is true whether you are auditioning to get a role in a voice over commercial or if it is for a character in an animated video game, acting skill are as important if not more so than voice quality. When your goal is to secure voice over narration positions, you should spent time each day reading newspapers or a novel out loud, so that this becomes old hat to you.

Proper Script Interpretation

With voice over auditions, you will also need to know how to rapidly break down scripts according to their important features. It is typical to find that commercial voice over copy is short even though that says nothing about their difficulty. To be sure, one line auditions are often much more difficult to accomplish that reading an entire promo page. This happens because you must search for clues within the script so that you can choose what it is that the advertiser wants to accomplish which will allow you to deliver your lines correctly. You can get some good training in a commercial voice over class that will train you in methods of analyzing commercial scripts and when the appropriate time is to use your soft-sell or hard-sell voice. You can start practicing this talent with scripts you find and do this each day. It gets easier with practice, and practice makes perfect.

Using Variety

If your audition takes place in a studio, you must remember that your casting director is your friend who will help you if you just listen to their direction. Regardless where you use your acting skills listening is one that you will have to use regularly. By playing with different voice modulations you will be ready for anything even those times when your client is not sure what they are after.

Proper Microphone Techniques

A good workshop with a sound booth can help you learn effective microphone techniques that will serve you well during auditions as well as while performing jobs. They will allow you to work on your plosives and determine the best way to approach the microphone for best sounds. If you don’t have access to a professional microphone before your voice over auditions, don’t give up and go for it anyway.