Are you having a hard time getting dates because you don’t have the confidence to get your point across about your worth? You should get some tips that will help you get that husky voice you are after so that admiring her from afar is a thing of the past. Before embarking upon the journey to a sexy voice, there are some important points you must know about what women are looking for in a man.

Women enjoy listening to a man with a deep, rich tone to their voice. They are just drawn to them for some reason. It doesn’t matter how big your muscles are, or how good looking you are, something is lost in the translation when your voice does not live up to expectations.

Here are some tips you can use to end those dating frustrations. These deep voice training tips will educate you in methods that will help you get that husky voice the women will rave about, and you can do it without appearing as if you are doing anything special to get it. By following these tips, you will be wooing the women you admire.

1: Modulate

Learn how to use voice modulation to help you win over the ladies. Vary the levels of your speaking voice. Speak at a level that can only be heard within earshot. This will have your potential date moving closer to you so that she can hear what you have to say. If the time comes when you must do something to stand out from the crowd, try to avoid yelling. There is something different about a husky voice that does not include harshness or a scratchy tone that can come with raising your voice.

2: Speak Slowly

Don’t get in a rush when you are speaking. This is one of the most effective tips you can take to heart that voice coaches will give you. If you want to get a husky voice, you have to take your time and let the vibrations in your throat do their thing. You did know that your throat vibrates when you speak, didn’t you? Higher pitches come from rapid vibrations. Try it for yourself and see. When you slow your voice down, you are creating slower vibrations. This will help you to deepen the tone of your voice, and she will not mistake that you have some kind of speech deficit.

Husky is Sexy

So, you want to get that date do you? If you follow the tips above, you should eventually be able to win the lovely ladies over just by speaking to them. There is just something about a deep, husky voice that speaks confidence to a woman. Women are not interested in a man who does not wreak confidence. There is just something deep within them that needs to know they will be well taken care of by a confident male, even though most of them don’t even understand it. It’s an instinct. Since the voice is the first means of communication most of us use, by developing a husky voice you will be well ahead of the crowd of other guys.