Many voice over artists wonder if there is any reason for them to use the services of an agent. If that sounds like you, there are many benefits that you should be aware of that come with having an agent.

Voice Over Agencies Help You Connect With Successful Agents

New voice over artists are always struck with how difficult it can be locating the right agents. While it is true that you can take a look at directories of agents, you may still be plagued by questions about their ability to help you find VO work. Agents should be able to prove how successful they have been and that they will do their best to promote you. One way to discover this is to read reviews online about agents and the agencies they work with. When you join the right agency, you will be given access to agents who are committed to helping artists find voice over work. This is because they understand that their livelihood hinges on how good a reputation they and their company has.

Package Previous Voice Over Work

While looking for the right agent, you should have all of your previous work as well as your demos in one place. This is the package that you will be sending to potential agents as well as employers. This package should be a good representation of your voice and be a demonstration of your talents. Not compiling this package in the right way can lead to people not viewing your talent positively and this will mean less work. A good agent will either help you do this, or at the bare minimum let you know how to put this package together.

Do You Need Voice Over Agents?

Before committing yourself to an agent, you should understand a number of things. First off, you need to know what they expect as commission for landing work for you. A standard rate in the industry is 10% of your earnings. This may not sound like much, but are you willing to part with any of the money you earn? Some agents command a larger chunk of your earnings, so you have to watch for this.

Knowledge Is Power When Getting Voice Over Jobs

You can eliminate a lot of stress by having a good agent working for you, and you will benefit in other ways as well. Agents who have worked in this industry gain additional knowledge in how to market your talents and help you get more work. There is an enormous advantage to knowing how the industry works and your agent can explain what you should expect during specific situations. The knowledge they have gainer over the years in the business can be a tremendous help to successfully market your talents to potential employers.

Anyone starting out in the voice over business must first answer the question of whether or not they should hire an agent to help them find voice over jobs. In reality, it would be very difficult to start without an agent, but they will take a bite out of your earnings. Only you can determine if that is a price you want to pay.