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All member support and billing-related questions should be sent to the email address below. We will respond to your question or request typically within one business day.

[email protected]


Cancellation: Your membership dues for is billed every month on the date you joined, and is non-refundable once it is charged. If at any time you wish to cancel, simply visit the cancellation page and follow the instructions. Your membership will then simply expire at the end of it’s 30 day cycle.


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    24 Responses to “Member Support”

    1. July 3
      John Reid @ 10:17 am

      Hi! How are you doing today! I am really excited to begin my Voice Over Training Program. I opted for the voice over consultation, but I must be doing something wrong. 🙂 I can’t seem to gain access to the consultation. After my Checkout/Receipt was displayed on the screen, nothing else happened. So, I waited for about 10 minutes. When I was sure the screen wasn’t going to change, I decided to click out of it. Well, at least I got to this point, where I can tell you my sob story, haha. What’s my next step? Do I receive a phone number for my consultation?

      John Reid
      [email protected]
      203-407-9334 (cell)

      • July 6
        Terry Daniel @ 2:31 pm

        Hi John,

        Thank you for signing up. I recently contacted you regarding setting up a time for your consultation. Please let me know and thank you for your membership.


        Terry Daniel

    2. July 6
      Thomas Hathaway @ 2:27 pm

      Hello Terry,

      I’m taking advantage of the $1 trial offer and I’m really enjoying it. I just listened to the Advanced Recording Module #1 for the second time and I took a few notes. Your comments on the dbx286A pressed the right buttons with me. My question: does the dbx286A have a USB output or do you have a USB interface inserted between the dbx and your computer?

      Thanks in advance for your help and good luck with the VoiceOver Club.

      Tom Hathaway
      El Cajon, CA

      • July 6
        Terry Daniel @ 2:33 pm

        Hi Tom!

        Thank you for your comments. My dbx 286A is plugged into a 10 channel USB powered mixer. This particular audio chain works great for me. Thanks again for your comments and let me know if I can answer any more questions. Take care!


        Terry Daniel

    3. July 8
      Thomas Hathaway @ 12:36 pm

      Hello Terry, Thank you for your prompt reply. I’m impressed! This may seem dumb but are you using the pre-amp in the dbx or the pre-amp in the mixer? I got the impression from the module that you were using the dbx pre-amp. If you’re using the dbx pre-amp, are you bypassing the pre-amp in the mixer?

      Again, thank you for your help.

      Tom Hathaway
      El Cajon, CA

      • July 8
        Terry Daniel @ 2:15 pm

        Hey Tom!

        Definitely using the pre-amp in the dbx. The USB mixer has +48V of phantom power but it’s bypassed on the mixer. 🙂



    4. July 29
      AmyJohnson @ 6:22 am

      Good Morning Terry!
      Thank you very much for doing your first teleseminar last evening. I am not sure if I received your special bonus that you gave out last night. I was unable to sign up immediately last night so I am signing up this morning. Is it still included this morning or did I have to sign up last night after the teleseminar?

      • July 29
        Terry Daniel @ 7:17 am

        Hi Amy!

        The bonus video folder link should be added to the members area today. Thanks again for listening in last night. I really appreciate it. 🙂

    5. September 11
      Jack Norris @ 11:17 am

      Terry, somewhere I once had some stuff, I thought from you guys, about rates, work agreements and all, but I can’t find them on my computer. Did I get that from Voice Over Club? If so, could you send that info again so that I may have it on hand. PDF format would be fine with ability to edit and save on my machine. Thanks

      Jack Norris

    6. September 17
      Kelly Moore @ 3:08 pm

      Hi, Terry. I recently signed up for your program. I am a beginner. I have a deep bass voice with a bit of a southern accent. Could you recommend what companies would be interested in a voice like mine? Is there a demand for a voice like mine?

    7. September 17
      Kelly Moore @ 3:12 pm

      Terry, how bo I set up a consultation? Thanks for supporting my interest in becoming a voice over artist. I am eager to get started.

    8. September 22
      Ron Lisk @ 12:21 pm

      Must say that I am impressed with VoiceOver Club. Been trying off & on to break into the industry – got burned out with pay-to-play; not to mention the $$$ spent for demo.

      Back in the saddle again. Need info on demos, and personal coaching

      Hopefully this can be a fit coupled with the voiceoverclub that I will definitely give a try

    9. October 21
      Georgiana Benedetto @ 10:43 am

      Hi Terry,
      I have a demo cassette tape which was done several years ago by a professional voice coach/voiceover artist. It is a two-sided tape, commerical/industrial. Would it be posible for you to listen to my demo tape to evaluate it for present day use and also, now that everything seems to be done on MP3, is it possible to convert my cassettes to MP3?

      Thank you, your input and advice would be greatly appreciated.
      I did listen to the teleseminar last evening, found it very helpful, Voiceover Club looks like a great resource.

      • October 21
        Terry Daniel @ 10:45 am

        Hi Georgiana,

        If you can find a way to convert it to an mp3, I would be happy to take a listen. Otherwise, I don’t have a cassette player. Let me know what you can do and thanks for the great comments!

    10. January 4
      Dan McComas @ 8:17 pm

      Hi Terry,

      Your live session with the NY producer was incredibly instructive. I loved hearing you make mistakes and just keep on going. It was sweet. Nice job!

      Were you using an ISDN or phone patch to communicate with him? ISDN’s are pretty expensive. Do a lot of producer’s use Source Connect now? Is it like a phone patch? Sorry for the d’uh.

      I think the producer was going to edit your takes. When you have to do it, yourself, how do you mark the takes you want to keep in Adobe?

      How do you mix music with Adobe Audition? They have a MAC version now which looks really cool. I’ve been using Garageband and am thinking about moving to Logic Pro Express 9…one reason is comfort of use, but also so much royalty free music. Although with all of your Adobe video demos, that software could be a good play! Thinking about a Blue BLUEBIRD mic, and eventually Apogee duet. Thanks so much for your feedback, and congrats on rockin’ the VO world!


    11. April 21
      Bill Cleveland @ 6:52 am

      Hey Terry, can you include a bonus module under Recording that takes a newbe through editing an audio recording using Adobe and Twisted Wave. I haven’t used either of these products myself but recall that you are a great fan of Adobe while George Whitten likes twisted wave. I use a mac so would be most interested in knowing more about using twisted wave. Thanks ahead.

      • April 21
        Terry Daniel @ 6:57 am

        Hi Bill!

        That is a great idea! We will work on putting together a couple of new modules. Thanks for being a member! 🙂

    12. April 21
      Bill Cleveland @ 3:08 pm

      Terry, you mentioned that you have done a number of audio books. Are there audio book opportunities where the voice talent doesn’t have to create a voice for each character in the book but just voices the story? Creating and keeping track of the various characters and insuring you match the voice with the character would seem to be a niche skill. I think I recall that the voice talent who voiced the Harry Potter books kept track of over 100 characters. Wow.

    13. April 27
      Bill Cleveland @ 11:44 am

      Terry, do you think this software product (Audio Mixer) would have any applicability to producing finished productions for a client?

      You had mentioned in one of your videos that being able to not only do the dry reads for voice over but having the ability to create a final production would create more opportunity.

    14. May 11
      Jim L. Wiley @ 9:10 pm

      I have purchased the following equipment in order to enter the voice over industry; A Fast Track Pro 4×4 Mobil USB Audio/MIDI Interface with Preamps; Samson Professional Headphones, Pop screen, and a Samson CL7 COndenser Mic, chords etc…I paid about $475.00 at Sam Ash Music for this equipment…I already had a 2 year old Dell Studio lap top with Vista operating system…My question is,,,,the Mic…….Is the CL7 good enough for quality? I can still upgrade since I have not used it yet..They were telling me about a MXL V69 mic which cost $299.00, case and chords and that it had a Tube inside it to add in warmth of the voice, which I dont understand..I have a limited budget and would like a professional opinion before I get all equipment hooked up in my studio….Your response would be greatly appreciated…I do plan to join the Voice Over Club very soon
      Thank you for your help
      Jim Wiley

    15. April 24
      Garry Jiry @ 4:24 pm

      I was wondering about a mic I’m considering buying.

      At the moment, I’m just getting set up after being away from the biz a long time. I worked in radio during the 80’s doing news/sports/production. I have a diploma from the Recording Workshop in Chillicothe OH. However things are much different today LOL.

      What I want to know is, is an AT-2020 USB mic ($93.30 free shipping from Amazon) decent enough to get my chops back, using Audacity? The mic I will buy down the road is from Advanced Audio, who re-engineer mics.

      The AA CM-87 is a large diaphragm multi-pattern condenser microphone based on the famous Neumann U87 “fet” design. The CM-87 features a similar double-sided 6 micron capsule and class “A” amplifier design. It is well suited for recording vocals or instruments in any studio or live application. The Advanced Audio CM-87 was built to a very high standard in order to capture a remarkably full yet well defined and Ultra clean sound which is perfectly suited for the most demanding radio, dialogue and recording tasks.


      • 1.07” single diaphragm
      • Selectable pattern
      • Omni/Cardiod & Figure-Eight
      • <200 ohm Impedance
      • 25hz to 20khz
      • -17db(A weight) noise
      • 48v requirement
      • 100hz switchable roll-off
      • Switched -10db pad
      • .5% distortion @ 125db
      • Class “A” fet circuit
      • Transformer output
      • Robust shock-mount
      • Aluminum road case

      CM-87: $379.00
      Including Shipping

      I would appreciate your opinion on both mics.

      Otis Jiry
      Sapperton Sound Voice
      [email protected]

      • April 27
        Terry Daniel @ 7:53 am

        Hi Garry!

        Thank you for the question. AT2020 is a decent starter mic. The quality is killer for the price but it does tend to pick up a little room noise. The XLR mics sound more professional. If you power it with a preamp/compressor that has an expandera gate, that works really well to eliminate any excess room noise. I would try that CM-87. I think it will give you a more professional sound! 🙂

    16. November 2
      William Washington @ 9:59 am

      I was trying to listen to the clip with Bobbin it started then stopped buffering it never showed the video

      • November 2
        Terry Daniel @ 10:59 am

        Hi William,

        It just worked great from here. Can you try rebooting your system and trying it again? Thank you for joining Voice Over Club!