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    1. October 7
      Robert Leach @ 3:37 pm

      Terry, you have put together a lot of great information esp. for the person new to voice over.

      Could you go into more depth about:

      Finding your niche.

      Voice over jobs that we might not think of and how to reach out to the people who need them. (like store announcements or machines of various types that use narration).

      Toy, and video game voice over, who to contact what they are looking for etc.

      More on marketing, like what to say to these studios and producers you have looked up on etc. How do you offer your service without sounding desperate or selley.

      Thank you
      Robert Leach

    2. April 21
      Gary Lee @ 7:59 am

      As a new voice over artist, Terry’s program has helped me to pursue my dream. After many months of practice and auditions, I landed a job doing a character voice for a local bar. At first I was taking gift cards in trade just to get my voice noticed. Now the client has signed me to do 3 spots per week for $400 per month. Thanks again Terry. I’m sure this will lead to other jobs.

    3. September 2
      Edwin Shackelford @ 6:40 pm

      Hey Folks,

      Any success stories about old guys starting out and actually making it in the VO business? I’m 65 and finally decided to take the plunge.

      • September 2
        Terry Daniel @ 7:22 pm

        Hi Edwin,

        Great question and in my opinion the older the better! A mature voice is going to be a good match for so many more projects! For example, they’re not going to hire a 17 year old to do a medical narration. 🙂

    4. February 22
      Kevin Weaver-Bey @ 10:23 am

      Hi Terry , After much encouragement from friends and complete strangers, I started looking into voiceover work. I wanted to know what it takes to make it in this industry. I came across your site and have been hooked ever since. I did my first voice over job for an online radio station. Even though I did it for free, as I am just starting out, I am so excited about this new path and I just wanted to THANK YOU! for putting together such an excellent online program. Your training modules on script reading and interpretation, recording techniques, and industry standards are really helpful. The webinars are the best. You make it so easy to understand and use. Thanks again.

    5. February 22
      FRED SWEET @ 1:25 pm

      Hey, Terry, had a surprise the other day. Had a audition for a narrative/commerical that sounded good. Since I like doing religious stuff, I tried ourt for it and got a call back. Well, to shorten the story a bit, I got the job and came to find out it was for Israels Hollicaust Society. So now I have a piece running in Isreal. Isn’t that cool. Thanks for all the help. FRED.

    6. February 23
      Bill Johnson @ 4:25 am

      Hi Terry,
      After retiring out radio as a Production Director, a friend suggested I join Voice123 doing VO’s. I’m 66 this summer, live on the coast of NC. I have a fair customer base from Voice123 and recently when to work at a local ad agency doing sales. Life in the VO business is pretty good. Terry, let me add, your positive attitude in VO business is a inspiration to us all, keep it up brother.

      Thank you, Bill

    7. February 23
      John Lingua @ 8:30 pm

      Hey Terry, I have been an understudy in Radio for about 7 years with a background of production in commercial radio. I have dabbed into a few commercial spots. I am interested in doing VO work. How do I get started? My funds (as weak as they are) don’t allow me to get training which you have
      suggested. Can you give me some help.

      Many thanks John

      • February 24
        Terry Daniel @ 8:43 am

        Hey John,

        Thank you for your comments. A good place to start would be our members area, where you can learn about auditioning, recording, marketing and more. Very affordable as well. You can even try it out for just $1. Sign up here;

    8. February 26
      Jack K @ 12:36 am

      Hi Terry, today I finished my voice over course and finished my demo tape (not much of a Success story but its exciting)

    9. May 16
      Michael R @ 1:46 pm

      Hi, I have always been interested in the field of voice over work, particularly in the character area. I am naturally gifted at doing impressions, and have a versatile voice. I am only 16 years old, but i am very serious about voice acting. I can create very low, ominous voices, and rather high elderly voices. I realize that there is acting in voice acting, which is something i am still working on, but from what I have heard, voice acting is an incredibly difficult thing to get into, because of the professional voice actors already available. This can seem discouraging at times, but i will continue to practice and perhaps one day achieve my dream.

    10. July 21
      steph @ 7:12 pm

      Interested in the VO business because it seems exciting and different, not sure if I have the “voice” or not, 44year old wife and working mom, I have been told I sound like “wanda skyes” not sure if that is good or not?

    11. September 23
      Kathleen @ 11:28 am

      Hi! Terry, I am 45 years old and I sound like a little girl, can you help me get started in a voice over career.

    12. October 23
      Julie @ 2:08 pm

      Hi Terry,

      I am very interested in learning about voice over work. I work full time during the day as an insurance agent in FL but one of my clients recently asked me to do the vo for his website which I did and I really enjoyed it so now I would like to see what else I can do, how do I go about getting more work?

      Thank you,


      • May 31
        VOC @ 1:38 pm

        Hi Julie, thank you for your comments!

        The fastest, easiest and least expensive way to move forwards in this industry, is to get some good training – so that you know what/what not to do.
        We provide cutting edge voice over training in our members area where the videos and audios will help you get on the fast track to making more money in this industry.
        You can try our members area out for 3 days for only $1 here:

        To your success!

    13. February 25
      mark Mcintyre @ 12:35 pm

      hi Terry could you suggest to me the sites that have the VO scripts and
      auditions. I am trying to figure out where my voice belongs in this business
      and maybe between what I learned from your modules and my passion for this.I can practice on those scripts. before I sign up with you to couch me
      thank you

    14. July 20
      Roberta @ 12:55 pm

      Hi Terry,
      It is fairly common for people to comment on my voice, usually saying it is soothing. Just yesterday, someone who commented on my voice during our first phone conversation years ago, commented how unique my voice is. After 8 years of caregiving to my now deceased mother (8/2013), I am challenged to find work. Maybe voice over work is for me.

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