Imagine, you are on a sandy beach enjoying the sun. You hear the waves splashing up over the rocks, the sound of seagulls singing a tune, and the laughter of children playing in the background. Suddenly, you hear footsteps walking toward you and then a voice appears asking to take your drink order.

Ah, the voice…deep yet comforting; bold yet soothing. You realize the power this voice has over you and you have the sudden urge to quench your thirst. Hiring a professional voice talent will captivate your audience whereby convincing them that they need your product or service.

While cost is a factor in any business decision, it should not be the number one objective when hiring voice over talent. Take car shopping for example. Do you look for the lowest price tag or the car that will best fit your needs? The same holds true with a well-versed and seasoned voice talent.

They can interpret a script to make it sound conversational and believable. A specialized voice talent will offer superior sound and quality, which comes at a cost. They take pride in purchasing top-of-the-line equipment and have expenses as with any professional business.

Occasionally, a client will take the less expensive route only to be dissatisfied with the quality of the talent and eventually hire a more experienced talent to record the voice over. Understanding the proficiency and skill that I have as a professional voice talent, the cost should not be a factor as the end product will result in exactly what you are looking for. Keep in mind the old proverb “you get what you pay for.”