Free Voice Over eBook! (for Member’s Only)

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    7 Responses to “Free Voice Over eBook! (for Member’s Only)”

    1. November 18
      Evan Graham @ 6:29 am

      I appreciate this information. I’m brand new to voice over work, having not yet even recorded a single demo. I have everything to learn, and look forward to reading this book.

      Thank you,
      Evan Graham

    2. December 9
      Joe Poli @ 8:55 pm

      Look forward to reading this book.

    3. March 31
      Nicholas @ 5:31 pm


    4. August 8
      Jay Lowe @ 8:16 pm

      How do I get How to record voiceovers with your home computer booklet?

      • March 21
        VOC @ 8:25 am

        The free eBook is available to everyone who signs up for a $1 three day trial of Voice Over Club!

    5. February 16
      matt @ 1:15 pm

      Cant wait to read

    6. December 16
      Della @ 4:06 pm

      Thank you!