The Voices of June Foray

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June Foray is one of the best talents I have ever met and heard. Check this out!

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    13 Responses to “The Voices of June Foray”

    1. June 21
      Mike Elmore @ 4:52 pm

      Fantastic range and control. Don’t think there has ever been much /if any, better!!!

    2. July 13
      Mike Laponis @ 4:42 pm

      Yes! Incredible! Great memories from these well known roles but even more so, exhibits her incredible ability as an actor!

    3. December 18
      Cindy Clifford @ 7:22 am

      Just invested some quality time curled up on the couch watching my boxed set of “Rocky and Bullwinkle”. I’ve always adored her voices and her sense of humor.

    4. February 15
      Percival @ 4:17 pm

      really awesome. I wonder if she was paid for each voice she did?

    5. February 22
      Peanut @ 4:42 pm

      I haven’t giggled this much over a cartoon voice personality in ages!

      Thanks for sharing 🙂

    6. April 25
      Tanya Schoenwolf @ 9:36 am

      Love June’s voice. Witch Hazel was my favorite!

    7. June 28
      Mike Coon @ 8:04 am

      Don’t know HOW I missed seeing this for a year, but I’m glad I got to see it now! What a legacy of professionalism, variety and silliness! I grew up with all those voices! Daaahling!

    8. June 28
      Spoons58 @ 9:38 pm

      Wow,She is great!! Thats what I would love to do Cartoons.I would love to see what she looks like..

    9. September 1
      Sharon Chisholm @ 8:28 am

      I wish they would still air Bullwinkle & Friends. I simply love the voices of The Fairy Tales. I suppose that is where my love for cartoon character voices and fascination with Wizard of Oz muchkin voices was birthed in me as a little child. One day I would love to see some monetary value arrive at my door utilizing my muchkin voice. It’s been around with me many years and I have entertained many with it…oh, so much fun…..Follow the Yellow brick road….. I simply loved listening, many years to June Foray’s voices….Is she still around?

    10. September 1
      Sharon Chisholm @ 8:32 am

      Love and miss hearing her voice…such great childhood memories..I loved watching the fairy tales & Bull Winkle…I wish I could still get them on my TV……No where to be found….they were the very best….

    11. September 1
      Miné Bilgé @ 12:02 pm

      I think she is one of the “real Best”.
      I cannot wait to work with her in the future Cartoon/animation series projects.That is what I miss,too;hearing my own Voices :From the bad/witchy voices to Betty Boop,Casper,Tweety…etc. I would like to meet this multi-voiced V.O.Talent.

    12. September 1
      Miné Bilgé @ 1:20 pm

      She is one of a real “best”s. I would like to meet her.